Tracing an Old Royal Marine

Have you tried ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE web site. the lads on their are great on any subject including lost oppos. you may have to log in as a member but it will be worth while, and you may get some old oppos of your dads as well.
Following advice received through this forum I wrote to MoD (Navy) at Portsmouth who replied promptly telling me ithe information I wanted was available from records at Kew.

A contact on the excellent British Medal Forum put me in touch with somebody who for a very reasonable sum obtained photocopies of my father's record from the time of his enlistment in the Royal Marines Light Infantry in 1918 to to time he died in 1967.

I am much obliged to all he helped me get that information.

Many Thnaks,

For records of Royal Marines who enlisted after 1925, contact:
Building 1/152,
Victory View, PP36,
HM Naval Base,
Remember to include your relationship in any correspondence, this speeds things up.
As for the crew list of DORSETSHIRE, there used to be an establishment that held ship's pay ledgers going back to the year dot, but I'm not sure if it still exists, as management of the site was taken over by a civvy firm just after I left MoD in 2003.
Their address was
Naval Records Department,
DR 2e,
Bourne Avenue,
naval search personnel

Director Naval Personnel
Navy search
TNT Records Management
PO Box 7814
William Nadin Way
Derbyshire DE11 1EG
Cost £30 and takes 40 working days. You will need proof of identity of individual you are searching for, ie a birth certificate and a death certificate and perhaps your ID verified. They accept copies. :pr:
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Good morning ,well it is here I am Vincent--I have been looking all my life, been to the green beret in Deal, in 1968, no luck. Checked that the green beret was registered to him. He went to South Africa and came back for me but from then no contact . He went down on the prince of wales, had a sister dalled Grace, and another . His photo is in Australia, Cannot believe my luck,He was bitten in the neck while hiding in a canal in Holland, and was invalided out, He sent hhis pension book to care for me, but when I left home and asked for the letters and photos, they were destroyed by my stepfather's mother
Vincent.!!! Harry Jones here, and its only 2018 now.
I have blundered back on this forum after a few years absence and see someone has pointed to your post.
I am astounded if you are indeed who I think you are.? I hope you are still alive.
Look I do not know where to begin. Yes my father was at the Green Beret, and yes my father did go to South Africa.
He then appears to have headed to Australia, and does some mining for emeralds at Cooperpedy, and eventually heads across to New Zealand where he meets my mother and her brood of 5 kids. She is divorced, and working on her own as a caterer. Thomas is working as a cook on a merchant vessel. I am the result of this second marriage.
I have now traced his war records, and have sent these to a researcher, who has compiled a great short story of his life during the war.....all except for his time with 47 Commando which I still have yet to uncover.
I will upload this for you in my next email if you like,....and you can see if it fits with your father.
I also now have physical copies of all his medals, which prove he did serve in Germany somewhere at the end of the war. My email address is [email protected]

Please contact me if you can, and my sincere thanks to all on this forum once again.
Harry Jones


Lantern Swinger
Just a thought, but if the father's name was added to the thread title, it might come up in different people's searches, and hopefully help reuniting.
Once again....fantastic assistance from you gentlemen.
I was about to say you deserve a medal..... but you probably have enough of those.
Look - many thanks chaps.!

Hi Again lads,

Well - I tried to join up with the OAMAAM site, but the moderator sent me the following reply :

Hi Harry, sorry for the tardy reply

We're not a historical Archive, nor do we have any members from that period and as such we will be no help to you, i suggest the Royal Marines museum as a better source, they are in transition right now to a new location and I therefore suggest you wait until June/July when they should be more "together"



So thank you for the suggestion guys....but no luck there.


Have you received your father's service records from the MoD now? I get the impression that you have managed to obtain them.

Something which I would advise you to do is to liaise with someone who does professional family history research in the Kent area. I get the impression from a quick scan of your posts that you are looking for a half-brother and it sounds to me as if someone local to the area in which that person was born would be particularly useful to you.
Good Point Soleil,

Yes I do have his navy records, just not his commando records, and yes I may have a half brother. Your suggestion makes sense.
I will scour the web and search for a Historian in Kent. Thanks for the tip my friend.


I've just edited my post, as I took the original link from the Professional Researcher list on the Society of Genealogists' website and have just realised that the link is to Celia's old website and hasn't been updated. I wouldn't want your enquiry to vanish into the ether, so suggest, if possible, that you send it again to:

I think that it will really help with your quest to have a researcher in the Kent area helping you. She will have opportunities to consult the electoral register for Deal for the years when your father was there and also draw on other local resources.

Something you may wish to consider, with her help, is contacting the local newspaper in Deal in the hope that they might be willing to run a little article about your search. It's the kind of human interest story which would appeal to them.

I am currently working on a really complex quest involving tracing the descendants of a baby fathered in England by a soldier from New Zealand in 1918 and found having an article published in the press about this search, done on behalf of a New Zealander, very useful.
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Wow....that is some quest.!! I wish you the very best of luck on that one. We lost a lot of good NZ soldiers in the great war. Fantastic you are still tracking them down.
Thank you for the updated link....I could have been waiting for while for a reply from Celia. Yes a newspaper article is a good idea, as it inspires others to get involved. Celia may find what I am looking for fairly quickly on her own...we will see. But thank you again Soleil..! Magic
Hello again Soleil,

Just thought that I would give you an update on my search for Vincent.
I thank you for making the suggestion of employing a researcher in Kent.
Celia could not help me as she was busy, but she did put me in touch with another researcher named Elizebeth Peters, and Liz has been employed by me to track down Vincent over the past few weeks.
And we now have found him living in Spain. I am currently chatting with him, and we are trying to find our feet, as we make the connection with our father. We are now exchanging memories.

Can I just thank everyone who has offered their support with this.?
I cannot believe that after 30 years I have found my half brother....and frankly, neither can he.
Thank for all your support, and excellent suggestions.
I am in debt to you all.

Many Thanks guys

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