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Tracing an Old Royal Marine

Hazman said:
Thanks for that Greenie.
So you are saying that my original birth certificate may have my fathers number on it.? I will try and check. I only have 'copies' of my original certificate like most perhaps I need to locate an original.?

If you are correct, this would be an amazing discovery. But here in NZ, we may have done things a bit differently in our hospitals.

Thanks for correcting me on the Bismark date of 1941...

Just had a re read of the posts. :lol:
Your Dad was obviously out of the services and in New Zealand when you were born so he wouldn't have had his O/No. included anyway!!
I bet there are a lot of people like you around-- divorce and separations
the kids in the middle somewhere!!

I did a search on my Father and his war service -Merchant Navy but at least I had his MN service book for all the relevant information.

Anyway good hunting
If the number is not on the copy of your birth certificate, then I doubt very much it will be on the original, as it is usually a very exact copy.
There is no reason why a regimental or corps number should not be put on a birth certificate, and I have no doubt it is on many. Sounds a good idea, but if it is not on your copy I doubt it is on the original.
This posting has reminded me to get cracking on the quest for my father's service record, something I keep meaning to get round to. fortunately I do know his number, having memorised it when I was a kid.
Hi toycommandos: Thanks for that suggestion about the RMOCA, but it is all so long ago now as my father died in 1967, however he was a very active member of the RMOCA, when they were in Chiswell Street, City of London, after WW2. A bit too long ago I think?

I have a record of my father's service from 1936 to 1944, and have been trying to contact somebody I know did at one time have the papers for 1918 to 1936 - still trying.
Have you tried the offices of the Corps Secretary, Director Royal Marines, Whale Island, Portsmouth or the RM Museum in Portsmouth? They have records, medals etc going back forever and would be worth a shout if you haven't done it already. Good Luck
Have you tried ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE web site. the lads on their are great on any subject including lost oppos. you may have to log in as a member but it will be worth while, and you may get some old oppos of your dads as well.
Following advice received through this forum I wrote to MoD (Navy) at Portsmouth who replied promptly telling me ithe information I wanted was available from records at Kew.

A contact on the excellent British Medal Forum put me in touch with somebody who for a very reasonable sum obtained photocopies of my father's record from the time of his enlistment in the Royal Marines Light Infantry in 1918 to to time he died in 1967.

I am much obliged to all he helped me get that information.

Many Thnaks,

For records of Royal Marines who enlisted after 1925, contact:
Building 1/152,
Victory View, PP36,
HM Naval Base,
Remember to include your relationship in any correspondence, this speeds things up.
As for the crew list of DORSETSHIRE, there used to be an establishment that held ship's pay ledgers going back to the year dot, but I'm not sure if it still exists, as management of the site was taken over by a civvy firm just after I left MoD in 2003.
Their address was
Naval Records Department,
DR 2e,
Bourne Avenue,
naval search personnel

Director Naval Personnel
Navy search
TNT Records Management
PO Box 7814
William Nadin Way
Derbyshire DE11 1EG
Cost £30 and takes 40 working days. You will need proof of identity of individual you are searching for, ie a birth certificate and a death certificate and perhaps your ID verified. They accept copies. :pr:
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Good morning ,well it is here I am Vincent--I have been looking all my life, been to the green beret in Deal, in 1968, no luck. Checked that the green beret was registered to him. He went to South Africa and came back for me but from then no contact . He went down on the prince of wales, had a sister dalled Grace, and another . His photo is in Australia, Cannot believe my luck,He was bitten in the neck while hiding in a canal in Holland, and was invalided out, He sent hhis pension book to care for me, but when I left home and asked for the letters and photos, they were destroyed by my stepfather's mother
Vincent.!!! Harry Jones here, and its only 2018 now.
I have blundered back on this forum after a few years absence and see someone has pointed to your post.
I am astounded if you are indeed who I think you are.? I hope you are still alive.
Look I do not know where to begin. Yes my father was at the Green Beret, and yes my father did go to South Africa.
He then appears to have headed to Australia, and does some mining for emeralds at Cooperpedy, and eventually heads across to New Zealand where he meets my mother and her brood of 5 kids. She is divorced, and working on her own as a caterer. Thomas is working as a cook on a merchant vessel. I am the result of this second marriage.
I have now traced his war records, and have sent these to a researcher, who has compiled a great short story of his life during the war.....all except for his time with 47 Commando which I still have yet to uncover.
I will upload this for you in my next email if you like,....and you can see if it fits with your father.
I also now have physical copies of all his medals, which prove he did serve in Germany somewhere at the end of the war. My email address is [email protected]

Please contact me if you can, and my sincere thanks to all on this forum once again.
Harry Jones

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