Tracing an Old Royal Marine

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Hazman, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    Well, here I am talking to unknown people from the other side of the globe.

    I am trying to trace my father who was a Royal Marine during WW2, and served in Trincomalee, Ceylon, among other places.
    'Thomas Jones' was born in 1921 Manchester, and died 26th June 1966 in Australia.
    Before someone comes up with the wise crack 'It's not unusual'...(haha) I can tell you that it is not easy finding data on a ex Royal Marine.

    I figure that you guys are the real McCoy, and that you marines may know of an angle for tracing that I have not thought of.
    I wrote to HMS Centurion back in 1992, and although helpful, without unit and regiment numbers etc... they could not assist.
    Times may have changed, and I have written to them and other departments again.
    But if anyone here can come up with some leads, or suggestions, I would be grateful.

    This stuff is boring, I know, but it also important for myself and my son (Aidan), so that we understand our past links to England.

    Also....I have a half brother called 'Vincent' out there somewhere who has no idea I would be nice to find him before he dies.
    Apparently after the war, 'Thomas Jones' ran a boarding house called 'The Green Beret' in Deal, Kent. Here he fathered a son Vincent.

    As a child I remember playing with medals that were my fathers, but being a child I gave them away, not realising their importance...I kick myself now, because on the back was probably the info I now need.
    Is there a record of issued medals somewhere..?? because I cannot seem to locate one.

    Thomas Jones was no war hero...but he carried the scars of war, and I am determined to find his records.....if anyone can help....drop me a line.

    If I am boring all of you...I apologise, and will vanish back into the ether.

    Many thanks for listening Lads.....
    Harry Jones (son of Thomas Jones)

  2. Write to:

    Honours and Awards Office
    Room 157a
    Victory Building
    HM Naval Base
    PO1 3LS

    Give them as much info as possible, and they should be able to track back on any medals that have been awarded.
  3. Hey...thanks for the swift reply PompeySailor, I will do just that.
    Funny how these war offices have no email contacts.....everything must be in writing. Still...nice tip and many thanks.
    I will write to them today.

  4. ....or you could try a professional military records researcher. It will cost you a bit, but the amount depends on how long it takes to research the name.
    You could try : I have used them several times for researching my family's military background (WWI & II) and they've done a good job in getting hold of their records and medal awards etc.
  5. Hi Hazman,

    Good luck with your search. In the meantime I have made this a "sticky" post to make sure it gets maximum viewing. Keep us informed .
  6. Thankyou to both of you - Token and Floppyjocky
    I'm currently waiting to see if our inland Revenue department will release any details here in NZ first. After all, if anyone knows information about anyone, it must be the IRD...yes? Still, I haven't heard from them yet and its been 3 weeks. They can give me the details of date of birth, name of mother etc.. that will be vital. I have since recieved his death certificate, but this has little further detail.
    Anyway, I thank you all, and will give you an update when I get some progress.....
    I will have a look at your link Token.....looks interesting.

    Thank chaps... 8)
  7. Good luck mate!

    Nothing like unravelling generations past,

    I went through the same gig last year finding 3 sets of family service records. I went through the Australian War Memorial, who have a very solid research department always willing to lend a hand. They got me enough information to then get hold of the records from archives.

    Failing everything else, give AWM a buzz, abd even though you're after a RM, they'll be able to point you in the right direction and will help as much as they can.

    Once again, best of luck, let us know how it all goes!
  8. Thank you to both - Warm and Salty-dog.

    Yes I will keep you all informed.....
    I have made a small breakthrough, in that, I have traced the original marriage register entry for my father and mother (obviously) which is different from the actual marriage certificate.
    And on here was my father parents names:- Albert Jones, and Edith Hulme.
    This has enabled me to track down his birth certificate in Manchester, by searching databases in the UK, and now I have received his birth Certificate from the GRO.
    This now means I can apply for an English passport since I have proof of my fathers birth in England.......which is great.

    As for tracking his war records and anything else about his family, I am now not too sure.

    I at least can offer a birth date now, which is something I did not have before. I will try the war records office as advised by someone above.
    (Now that I have something.)

    I will use the links you have given me guys...many thanks.

    And i'll keep you all posted...stay tuned.

  9. Ref tracing ex servicemen there is a new section to the Natioal Archives which you can search to trace naval personel I was able to trace my wifes grandfather there with only his name and place of birth. He was a right reprobate in 12yrs he spent almost a year in DQ's cells etc. He joined up in 1893. Stick to it you could be surprised aat what you find :oops:
  10. Thanks granddad,

    I will try this again.....since in the past the national archives seem to stop at around 1921 when it comes to the RM. Same with the census records.
    However if there is a new section, i will take a look.
    Thankyou kindly for your interest, and your suggestion. I have had nothing but genuine help from all at this site...I am truely grateful.

  11. Thanks for this. My father enlisted in the Royal Marine Light Infantry in 1918, and was invalided out of the Royal Marines in 1944. I am about to start looking for details of his service, and went straight to this 'sticky'. Very helpful. Thanks again.
  12. Hi again....
    Something else I failed to mention. My father Thomas Jones served on the HMS Dorsetshire, when it was ingaged with the sinking of the Bismark in 1940. (At least this was what we have been told by my father) If true, there should be some record of the crew list from that engagement.
    While I can find the 'survivor' crew list from the sinking of the Dorsetshire, I do not know where to look for the crew list of the Dorsetshire at the time of the bismark sinking. So if anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful.

    Thanks to all
    Harry Jones
  13. Dorsetshire was sunk off the island of Ceylon 5th April 1942 by the Japanese.
    Bismark was sunk in May 1941
    It used to be the normal thing for children born with Service parents to add
    the Fathers official number as well on the birth certificate.

    Hope you have success . World War 2 medals are not name stamped unless your Dad got a bravery award non of the medals would be named.
  14. Thanks for that Greenie.
    So you are saying that my original birth certificate may have my fathers number on it.? I will try and check. I only have 'copies' of my original certificate like most perhaps I need to locate an original.?

    If you are correct, this would be an amazing discovery. But here in NZ, we may have done things a bit differently in our hospitals.

    Thanks for correcting me on the Bismark date of 1941...
  15. Just had a re read of the posts. :lol:
    Your Dad was obviously out of the services and in New Zealand when you were born so he wouldn't have had his O/No. included anyway!!
    I bet there are a lot of people like you around-- divorce and separations
    the kids in the middle somewhere!!

    I did a search on my Father and his war service -Merchant Navy but at least I had his MN service book for all the relevant information.

    Anyway good hunting
  16. If the number is not on the copy of your birth certificate, then I doubt very much it will be on the original, as it is usually a very exact copy.
    There is no reason why a regimental or corps number should not be put on a birth certificate, and I have no doubt it is on many. Sounds a good idea, but if it is not on your copy I doubt it is on the original.
    This posting has reminded me to get cracking on the quest for my father's service record, something I keep meaning to get round to. fortunately I do know his number, having memorised it when I was a kid.
  17. How has the hunt for your father gone?
    try the Royal Marines Association. You never know!
  18. Hi toycommandos: Thanks for that suggestion about the RMOCA, but it is all so long ago now as my father died in 1967, however he was a very active member of the RMOCA, when they were in Chiswell Street, City of London, after WW2. A bit too long ago I think?

    I have a record of my father's service from 1936 to 1944, and have been trying to contact somebody I know did at one time have the papers for 1918 to 1936 - still trying.
  19. Have you tried the offices of the Corps Secretary, Director Royal Marines, Whale Island, Portsmouth or the RM Museum in Portsmouth? They have records, medals etc going back forever and would be worth a shout if you haven't done it already. Good Luck

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