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Tracing an old oppo - because I want to hurt him.


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Back in 2004 I was on a course at Collingwood, I had a moped at the time which I used to use for buzzing around Pompey and impressing 16 year old girls with. I didn't really need it, but it was fun and gave me a bit of freedom away from the base. One of the lads on my course (Chris) was a mate and had fallen on a bit of a rough patch. He was living in a rented flat with his missus and kid in Gosport, but had no way of commuting into work each morning. He'd clearly bitten off more than he could chew and was skint all the time.

Against my better judgement, I leant him my moped and helmet for a few months so that he could get around, to be fair I didn't really need it so it was no real hassle for me. A few months passed and he kept the bike in good order, servicing it for me and what not. With a deployment coming up, it seemed like a logical step to sell it. I offered it to Chris first, but he didn't have the cash, so a deal was struck with another oppo (Jack) and he gave me 500 quid cash for the bike, I give him the V5 and Chris's number so he could get the bike off him.

Meanwhile, things are a bit of a rush as I go on draft and the deployment is brought forward by a few weeks. Both Jack and Chris are at Collingwood but they don't know each other. From the dockyard, I arrange for them to meet each other so the bike can be handed over. I fuck off on a 9 month deployment and I assume that's the last of it. As far as I'm concerned Chris has met Jack and given him the bike and that's that.

Fast forward 9 years and I receive a message from Jack saying he's going to kill me unless I give him back his 500 quid plus interest.


I'm sure Chris was supposed to meet him at Collingwood and hand the bike over?

Apparently this didn't happen and every time Jack tried to contact Chris, he didn't answer. Jack attempted to trace him through the mob but his search was fruitless. The bloke just disappeared presumably PVR'ing. Anyway, he's gone and so has the bike.

Jack has placed the responsibility for this squarely in my lap. Why he didn't report the bike nicked at the time is beyond me. Whatever though, the fact is I currently owe him 500 quid plus nine years interest because some scrote fucked off with the bike while I was on deployment.

So what to do? Well it's a bit late to contact the old bill, I need to find Chris and get some money off the cunt. Anyone know if the mob gives out last known addresses of lads who have PVR'd?


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If the fool gave you 500 without actually having the bike there. I would guess he's out if luck.
You could try people finder or something like that. Very hard to be invisible in this day and age.


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Electoral Roll? Bloody FaceAcheBook. Just type his name into a search engine and see what comes up, also any "Old Ships" websites usually hold a list of members, if y'know what kind of floating things he was serving on. As Romany said "Invisibility is not really achievable (even if he's fu**ing DEAD)"

Happy hunting,



War Hero
The fucker is a ghost, he's not on the faceache friends list of anyone from the course.

All I know about him is that he's from London, joined the mob in the summer of 2003 as an OM (possibly Mine Warfare), passed out in August and went to Collingwood. I'm not even 100% sure of his surname to be honest, I'm thinking it might have been Campbell but could be wrong.
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If the fool gave you 500 without actually having the bike there. I would guess he's out if luck.
You could try people finder or something like that. Very hard to be invisible in this day and age.

It was a bit of a mad time for all involved, everyone juggling between bases in Pompey. I think Chris was away on a different course, but I was about to leave the country so Jack gave me the cash first.

Something like that.

I completely trusted Chris to turn up with the bike, likewise Jack completely trusted me to get Chris to give it to him.
Why is it that there's never a MOD or a Plod around when you really need one?

If there was then Sgt Peppa might be able to offer 'legal advice' as to your position regarding the original verbal 'contract' and/or traceability of the long lost Chris.

How much is that £500 actually worth now with interest?

When is the, ahem, DEAD-line?



War Hero
Why is it that there's never a MOD or a Plod around when you really need one?

If there was then Sgt Peppa might be able to offer 'legal advice' as to your position regarding the original verbal 'contract' and/or traceability of the long lost Chris.

How much is that £500 actually worth now with interest?

When is the, ahem, DEAD-line?


Nothing has been defined, but lets just say Jack is not a happy bunny. As an ex RN heavyweight boxing champion, he's also someone I'd rather not piss off.


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If you get hold of the moped I can exchange it for some magic beans at an unspecified future date.

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Anybody want to buy a cheap moped, since I moved out my flat in Gosport and the sprogs grown up we need to get a car. I can swap the moped for the car or is anybody deploying and needs their car looking after?
Tell him what happens in the Navy stays in the Navy.

How do you know he didn't get the bike and is just trying it on? Also, try tracing the bike through DVLA.


War Hero
Another thought - How do you know Jack didn't take ownership of the bike and isn't trying to pull a fast one?

Nine years before bothering to complain - I think not Blackadder.


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Anybody who has/had a moped deserves everything he gets - feckin' angry wasps/two-speed hairdyers is all they are... :twisted:


So, this bloke "Jack", sailor I deduce, gives you £500 for a moped he hasnt seen and you aint got, then waits 9 years before asking for his cash back, dont worry about any threats, the bloke is obviously thicker than cement, by the time he decides what to do there'll be someone wiping soup off his chin.
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