Tracing a phone number.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Spidiver, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. An oppo of mine has just come back from Iraq,to find his other half has been on holiday with another bloke..

    He's got a mobile number for this chap, but it has come back as registered to a mobile phone shop.

    Before he confronts his missus, he'd like more info, anyone know how to trace the number?
  2. What do you mean by "registered to a mobile phone shop"?
  3. Tough break that. Your mate didnt deserve that if its true. Perhaps he needs to take things a little slowly in investigating it all. Could the guy be a friend? Dunno what you can do number wise. Could it be a work mobile?
  4. My oppo's a very cool and quiet chap, so he's doing nothing at the rush so to speak, he's got 28 days leave, he wants to clear this up before he goes back.

    He's used a PI company, whose told him that it's a UK O2 mobile number and it's registered to a name and address, which turns out to be an O2 shop, so they can't verify the actual details.

    He "knows" that this happened when his missus was on holiday with her oppo in Spain last month. Don't know any other details, but he found a text in her "Draft" box on her mobile, the contents of which came as a shock to him.
    He's off on holiday with his missus and has asked me to chase things up whilst he's away.
    Er yeah okay mate...RR to the rescue?
  5. Possibly check with the shop. Would have thought a contract would be at a dudes home address etc. I'd probably go with whatever my gut told me if I was in his situation. Guy deserves better either way.

    However in the UK the Data Protection Act makes such investigation very difficult Id suspect
  6. Could be a salesman in the O2 shop?
  7. That was my first thought too. A work mobile. As they all have em in O2 shops. On those silly little dangleys on their necks. Would make sense
  8. That would be my first thought. If the phone is registered to the shop, it seems like the most likely explanation. My work mobile is registered to my work, albeit under my name, however, different companies may have different policies on such things. Why doesn't he go into the phone shop or stand outside and ring the number and see if someone in the shop answers? If so, bingo.
  9. Probably, the shop has got loads of free sims from O2 and sold them onto people as pay as you go. These sims are always registered to the first address they are sent to. Ideal for crime etc.

    also try typing the number into google and it may give you the who rang me website or something like that.

    or ring the number pretend you are someone from spain and inform caller they have won a prize/holiday ertc and meet somewhere to give it to them!!
  10. It's a PAYG sim
  11. If it is an O2 salesman, go to said O2 shop and ring the number whilst your there, potentially spotting the reciever. Shall rack my brains for more ideas...
  12. Spidiver
    suggest you keep well out of it --let your buddy ask his wife and see what the reply is .

    The Sim card might not even belong to his wife --she was on holiday with a pal ??? Did the pal borrow her phone .

    Never get between man and wife --let them sort themselves out .

  13. Some wicked members of the press dialled famous people's phones and accessed their voice messages, using the remote default passnumber that comes with the service. Very underhand. It is said that the O2 default pass number is 8705. Frightful. Often times they would ring the number and wait to be put through to answerphone, then simply key '*' then 901 for the voicemail followed by that previous number. Shocking.

    I don't know why I wrote that, but it is a subject of some interest to many followers of the press.
  14. Just tell him to confront the missus and get it out in the open. Easiest way, and if it fails, JJ has many 'ways of making her talk'
  15. Really?

    So if I had an O2 mobile phone, someone could access my voicemail merely by dialling my number, waiting for the phone to go to voicemail, then keying in *9018705. That would be quite worrying if I had an O2 phone, particularly if I had been misbehaving.
  16. Thankgod I am not with O2 being with Vodaphone I don't have much use for a mobile as I rarely have any signal
  17. Vodafone? Dial 0414 121 121; press * to transfer to the answerphone service; enter the mobile number then press #; Enter the Voicemail security code then press #. The Devilish and crooked journalists would often try 0000 or 3333
  18. Just tell your mate to man up and confront the situation.If someone has been digging your potatoes then it will happen again.
    Don't mess about,ask, and if she's being spreading happiness to others,get rid and move on.
    Fannying around with phone numbers just delays the inevitable.
    Just being blunt but correct I think!
    Had a mate on one ship who received a letter saying his wife was playing around,end of commission home we came and out went her and her bags, same day!
    He did right and so should your mate.
  19. I am in awe of your stalking skills 8)
  20. Just slap her about

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