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Very intresting,my surname is very common in durham and newcastle in 1881 and that has hardly changed. Maybe thats why no one down here can pronoce it properly


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I am English through and through despite having what would be considered to be a welsh surname....apparently accordng to the survey very predominant in North least I have an explanation now for my webbed feet...I'd assumed it was severe athlete's foot :twisted: :twisted:
Suffolk, the West Country and South Wales (that's a surprise). Most of us are, not surprisingly, concentrated (purple) in Devon. Not to mention the various parts of Africa where many of my relatives are Missionaries, or, er, the RN itself! :oops: :lol: Yes, one of your senior Padre's is a distant relative! :oops: :oops: :oops:
A little surprised to see that my surname isn't mostly found in the town of the same name, whereas Boyfriend's is.
Interesting link, thanks.


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Damn!!! :p 99.75 % English. So proud. I can trace my family back to the 1700's, and they all come from within 20 miles of where I am now. But thats not what that map shows?


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Its interesting to follow the link to your Mosaic type, aparently I'm a "summer playground > heres the link"

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Went with my Granddad's surname, very interesting in deed - mostly ranging in the Black Isles area in 1881, which would tie greatly into the family. 1998, it hasn't changed much at all.


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I'm denying everything, I am not a Celt (did I spell that right?), or Welsh. Though as I was born in Ludlow I suppose I should expect a bit of central Wales or the Welsh Marches to have seeped through.

However the pronunciation I get from various Call centres looking to trick me into their plan, I think I may have a touch of Malt in there. :oops:

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