Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Nov 3, 2014.

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  1. We all have somebody famous from where we was brung up. Let's now try and black cat each other?

    A few ground rules, let's say 5 mile radius, so the cockneys can't claim Liz & Phil etc...

    Here's mine:

    Kevin Ratcliffe (Everton Hero)

    Ian Rush (mate of my Dad ) , Michael Owen (Red Scum)

    Gary Speed (RIP) old school mate and Evertonian.

    Nothing else to do apart from football...

    Oh, Jade Jones Olympic kick ass champion

    And some twat from One True Voice, pop stars/x factor fame! (Who Kevin Ratcliffe took to court)
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  2. Dominic Monaghan - Merry from Lord of the Rings/Charlie from lost.

    Ricky Hatton - He doesn't need explaining.

    Not sure of anyone else.

    Edit: After typing Dominic Monaghan into Google turns out he was born in Germany and only went to school/college near me.

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  3. Max Beesley
    Liam Gallagher
    Noel Gallagher
    David Threlfall (Frank - Shameless)
  4. Bill Nighy
    Jon Finch
    Angus Deayton

    Oh and Caterham Cars although they've now moved to Crawley, also gives you a hint of where I was brung up :)
  5. Karen Briggs, Amy Johnson, William Wilberforce.
  6. Henry Bell - first commercial steamship
    Teacher - purveyor of fine whisky
    Kenny Hyslop - group Nazareth

    oh, and John Logie Baird - inventor of television
  7. James Alexander Smith VC
    Mark Cueto - RU International
    Scott Dobie - Football (Scotland) International
    Gordon Preston - Bletchley Park code breaker
    David MacCreedy -Actor
    J.B. Williams - Writer of 'We dive at Dawn'
  8. lots from the Shire but not from town found this one
    Ellen MacArthur (1976 - )Born in Derby City Hospital in 1976, Ellen first became interested in sailing at the age of 8, after sailing trips with her aunt. By the age of 18 she had won 'BT/YJA Young Sailor of the Year' by sailing alone around Britain.
    some really old gits from history as well
  9. Paul Hewson - AKA, Bono
  10. Mark King (Level 42) ... mate of my ex's and used to practice in their front room.
    Dame Ellen MacArthur lives in the next village over (Sumo ... she's moved!)
    Bear Grylls ... Mrs MG takes tea with her ladyship (Mother).
    Jeremy Irons (Actor)
    Phil Jupitus (Comic???)

    Did have
    Jet Harris (Shadows)
    Geoffrey Hughes (Corrie)
    Admiral Sir John Jellicoe
    Brian Murphy (Actor - George & Mildred)
    Uffa Fox
    Queen Victoria
  11. I once worked with a bloke who was set on fire by The Grateful Dead.
    Full details on request.
  12. You forgot Mr Bronson "grange hill" fame

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  13. Some kid called Lee who was in a boy band called 911. Yeah, that's all.

    Having a job is being a high achiever where I'm from. Keeping it for more than a week makes you royalty. I'm now practically a king.
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  14. Duncan Edwards England footballer
    Leny Henry
  15. Flora MacDonald - Jacobite heroine or traitorous bitch, depending on viewpoint.
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  16. Sounds like my first wife!
  17. Dustin Gee
    Frankie Howerd
    John Barry
    Steve Webster , 7 times World sidecar champion.
  18. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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  19. Just had this conversation with my fellow Carlislian oppo and we have come up with:

    Grant Holt
    Helen Skelton
    Eddie Stobart
    Paul Nixon

    And Woodrow Wilson's mam.

    That's about it. Not great.

    Edited to add: Melvyn Bragg apparently, who knew?
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