Towergate's 3000 beers competition - a call to arms

Discussion in 'Competitions' started by Good_CO, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. I'm a bit slow posting this on RR and apologise, but there is plenty of time to catch up:

    "Our sponsor, Towergate Wilsons, has launched a summer competition for units in the Armed Forces. The idea is simple: service personnel, and their spouses, vote for their unit before the 31 Oct 09 and the unit with the most votes wins 3000 beers.

    They are running two categories of prizes; 3000 beers for the winning major unit (established strength over 200) and 1000 beers for the minor unit (established strength 200 or less) and will deliver to any UK address (or UK military base in Germany) on a day of your choosing.

    Click here to register your vote!"

    This is an absolute 'no-brainer' however...

    The problem: RAF Coningsby is currently in a close second place I would be an unhappy Good CO if RR's/ARRSE's sponsor had to give 3000 pints to the RAF!
  2. Who's winning at the moment?
  3. A Royal Engineers unit.
  4. Good, those crabfat fcukers wouldn't drink it anyway, lightweight, fat, gay Queen's.
  5. It's close though. I'm bumping this again as there must be a HMS... out there that has an event of some sort coming up who could really benefit from this. All it needs is an email round the unit to pop online and vote. As long as it goes to Army / RM / RN I'm happy, but it's a close thing at the moment.
  6. It's a pity Rum Ration can't be classed as a Unit .... we could split the beers between us .....
  7. Emailed to the Lusty, they could do with it.
  8. I like your thinking Soleil!
  9. Can't we petition The Queen to grant us the right to call ourselves HMS Rum Ration: the navy's first virtual ship, unofficial, and all that? :p
  10. Damned RAF are officially in the lead. Has any particular ship had a rough time of things lately? Then we can join forces for that one.
  11. Thanks for all the votes - current leaderboard below (although might be out of date already)

    1. 33 Engr Regt
    2. RAF Benson
    3. 32 Engr
    4. Scots DG
    5. HMS Lancaster

    Will try to work out who is winning the small unit competition later on - at the end of last week it was a 160 (Wales) Brigade HQ.

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