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Never managed to spend time in Hong Kong in my travels with the mob, but got a three night stopover on way to Sydney in Feb.

Anyone got any suggestions for things to do/places to see..decent hotels?

Going with my significant other so keep it clean fella's..i.e. no strip joints/brothels.!!!
I was there for a week in '04 and got a good deal on the Ramada Hotel in Kowloon. Places to visit? wow, everywhere. There are some lovely places a train ride into the New Territories and the Jordan Market is fascinating. At least one day trip to Macau is a must do.
The deceptively named Ladies' Market (not a market for ladies, can't remember why it's called that) in Mongkok is one of the few street markets left in HK, worth a visit, all sorts of cheap tat on sale.
The Museum of Coastal Defence is worth a visit too if you are interested in the RN's history there. :thumright:
And of course the famous Star Ferry. Oh and Victoria's Peak (they still have the tiny tram that goes to the top) from where you can see just about all of Hong Kong.
A ride on the tram up to the Peak for a good view over the city and harbour ( avoid the restaurant though, plenty of better ones elsewhere), a trip on the star ferry from Victoria across to Kowloon is a must for a close up look at the harbour, and a visit to the floating restaurants and Stanley markets is well worth while.


Lantern Swinger
Also had a stop over last year on the way to Oz. Had the obligatory suit etc., made and apart from visiting my old haunts I took the missus on the harbour dinner trip [big eats and dance on the boat whilst viewing HongKong from the water at night. Good laser light display]. Stayed at the Marco Polo on Kowloon side and upgraded to a large suite on top for little extra money.
WarMonger said:
Never managed to spend a decent amount of time in Hong Kong in my travels with the mob, but got a three night stopover on way to Sydney in Feb.

Anyone got any suggestions for things to do/places to see..decent hotels?

Going with my significant other so keep it clean fella's..i.e. no strip joints/brothels.!!!
You could try the YMCA which is bang next door to the Peninsular Hotel and at the Star Ferry terminal (Kowloon side). Forget perceived impressions, this place is really good.
Reasonable rates, clean and convenient, you could do an awful lot worse.
You don't have to be young or male by the way, or Christian.
A family I know stayed there a year or two back and had a really good time at a decent price.
The best shopping area surrounds you, plus a lot of bars and restaurants.
A bus ride (number 12 from Central I think) will take you to Stanley market which is ok. The beach nearby though is quiet and there are a good few places to eat. You get a good scenic tour of the island via Repulse bay on the way.
Take a ferry to one of the outlying islands and get a taste of a different Hong Kong.
The market at Causeway Bay is excellent for local colour and you can stay for the midday gun if so inclinced; though you'll hardly hear it above the traffic.
Hong Kong has come along by strides in recent years to my mind.
Use the Star Ferry at night for a good photo opportunity of the lit up sky scrapers.
My partner goes there a lot and can recommend some really good local places to eat if you want.
I was there in November, first time too never made it with the RN, For those interested in designer goods your well in.

I went to a market 30mins bus ride had a great time bought all chrimbo presents - all designer look a like no one knew the difference over Christmas. Bought a couple of cockie Rolexes they went down well too

So pick your spot and shop wisely when in Hong Kong.
Loads of good advice on where to go and what to do there, if I may add my advice about what not to do and that is visit HK Disney. It is full of mainland Chinese and was built for them. The whole place is just Paris or USA Disney in minature with only the smaller non scary rides present.Dont even get me started on the hawking and spitting that goes on all over the place, they aint a great race of people to be hanging round with all day.
Temple Street at night is a must as well - thats of course if it's still there! Lots of wierd and wonderfuls going on there! If you've got a digital camera down there turn the flash off as the street performers still think you will capture their soul if you take pics.
#12 could give the Wesley Hotel in Wan Chai a try,have stayed there a couple of times,very handy for MTR Stations,trams and buses at the door,take a trip to Kowloon on the Star Ferry and mingle with the other tourists,take a trip up The Peak,take the missus shopping to Stanley Markets and go for a feed on the Floating fish restaurants at Aberdeen Harbour,that should do you for three days.
Pick up the Wesley on Alans link to Hong Kong hotels


Lantern Swinger
I've lived here in Hong Kong for the last 14 years (since I left the mob). You should book your hotel in Wanchai as it is very central and easy to travel to and from. Book on line and you will get a much better deal. It's cold here at the moment so dress like you are in UK.

Hotels: Wharney, Empire, Beverly, New World Harbour View and more

Places to go:

Stanley market

Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island (evening restaurants)

Lang Kwai Fong (Central nr. Wanchai) for nightlife with no hookers

Temple Street ladies market (evening) Kowloon

Lockhart Road Wanchai (pubs) you might see me and China Matelot

There's plenty of other stuff as well (Disneyland etc.)

Macau day trip ( 1 hour ferry ride ) for Venetian (need passport). This is where I work

Personally I don't go much on Kowloon

Have fun :w00t: :thumright:
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