Tour Frequency and Length


How long and how often are the tours / deployments?

I know they vary job to job but any info would help

If anyone wants to know I'll be joining as a warfare officer.
I don't think your question can be accurately answered as everyones circumstances will be different. We're not like the Army where there rotation through Afghanistan is pretty much the driver for everything else and they know where and when they're deploying (stand fast short notice short term jiffings)

If you're asking this question before you join then could this be because you see frequent, lengthy, periods away from home as problematic?

First thing you should know: The rules for maximum amount of time away from base port are detailed in 2SL's Personnel Functional Standards. This says that (unless it's signed of at a pretty high level ie above 1*) if you reach the separated service thresholds then you can't go anywhere away from your base port.

Second thing you should know: 2SL's PFS does not apply to Junior Warfare Officers!!!

In my 22 years, the worst (or potentially best) period of time away for me was an 18 month period in which I was deployed for 14 months. Sailed from Guzz from the Jan, flew home in Jul for a course then through draft to another ship. Joined the next one in Nov a week into WIGS and came home again July the following year. Two cracking deployments, Ocean Wave 97 followed by WIGS.

I'm sure my dit will draw out the old timers who spent 3 years on FES etc etc to black cat my "difficult" period!!!
In 9 years ive done 825 Days..... And some of that was a freebie when it changed to LSA!!! Rotop, It's all swings and roundabouts, in my career so far i've done 2 deployments, a 4 month stint and a 6 month stint, yet someone who i joined up with (same branch etc) has done double that. It all depends on what ship you join, whats going on in the world, branch etc. Therefore its one of those Grey area's where you can't actually get a definative answer... As others have said you can go away for 8 months (just like a T23 has recently) then come back, then find after you're Leave you're back out somewhere again for months on end... Unfortunately it comes with the job.... Remember people dont dip out.. just that some dip in more than others!!!
3 x 6 monthers to the Gulf, 2 x 4 monthers with NATO in the Med or Baltic with the rest as UK running. Also includes 18 months shoreside (PWO course and then a broken leg).
"Second thing you should know: 2SL's PFS does not apply to Junior Warfare Officers!!!"

I'm fine with periods away from home, just wouldn't be happy with far too long and far too often.

I'd be fine with 6 months in the gulf sitting on an MCMV sipping cocktails (That is what you do there, right?)

I know I'm not gonna have the same experience as any one person but I've asked a few people that are linked with recruiting and the picture they paint is one where you hardly go anywhere - unless you really want to. Didn't buy it. So I thought I'd ask you lot.
Oh dear !......:frown:
I was asking about tour frequency and length for a surface warfare officer - none of those threads have any useful info on that topic. The guy posting the link clearly didn't bother to even quickly scan the posts to see if they were useful and then implied that I was doing a half arsed job.
I'm fine with periods away from home, just wouldn't be happy with far too long and far too often.

If you have already been accepted for BRNC Suck it up and get used to life in a blue suit ( needs of the Service etc etc .....)

If you are still in the application process, consider alternative employment
Does anyone know what happens if you don't sign a waver for your sep service? I presume nothing happens and you just crack on but just wondered if anyone knew?
You're landed. Generally until we can get a couple of months of useful service out of you. You have to remember that your SS will be based on the same period 3 years ago - your DepCo or EWO should be able to tell you how long you'll be shoreside for. A general hint - if your DepCo is asking you to sign a waiver and promising all sorts of cool things if you do so, they're lying :)

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