Tough luck Bliar

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stirling2, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Made my day. I just hope the twt disappears into obscurety.
  2. We live in hope mate.
  3. My views on Europe are well documented, so I will never recognise any one outside of Britain as a leader.
    However, how sweet is the fact that Bliar never got the job he so very much longed for.
  4. Major re-think required on my part...There IS a God
  5. So after spending hundreds of millions on pushing that sack of shite Lisbon Treaty through they've celebrated by appointing some nomark Belgian who looks like he fiddles kids as President. FFS. Still at least that skidmark Blair didn't get it.
  6. She's the first High Representative. Why does it make any difference if she's female or not?

    Should we be celebrating the first male High Representative after her term's up?
  7. It's a nothing job anyway. It's not like a real president like Mugabe or Kim Yong, just a chairman really.
  8. Never underestimate a Chairman!

  9. Indeed just think of Chairman Mao.

    The reality though id that despite all the fancy words that real power will still reside in the council of ministers
  10. A proper Chair man

  11. I only hope that in some small way all the letters and emails that I have been sending to various european governments have helped Mr. Bliar :lol:

    It's probably a safe bet that the support of the One-eyed Porridge Wog was a big factor - like a reverse Midas Touch [everything turns to sh*t]

    Now I will feel as if all my Christmas's have come at once if this scrote is prosecuted, found guilty and loses her job:-


  12. Hear Hear

    “Ms Harman strongly refutes the allegations and will deny the charges,†- twat

  13. My favourite was uttered over her shoulder as she drove off - "I'm Harriet Harman and you know where to get hold of me."

    No dear - enlighten me.... round the throat??

  14. As a rule I'm against violence towards women but Harman is such a smug, self righteous, liberal cnut that I could turn a blind eye to her getting a good slapping.
  15. Free Harriet Harman.

    With every 12 gallons... 8)
  16. Of ugly tincture.

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