Totally undecided

I have just put my application in for hydrographic officer , the recruiter spent most of the time trying to get me to apply for submariner but now ive gone away and thought about it im warming to the idea ! Totally undecided , can any ex submariners give me a better insight , is it true the deployments are shorter ?
What have deployment lengths got to do with it? You either want to join or you don't. SM deployments can be longer or shorter, depending on class, role etc. etc. 3 mths deployed on a "fourknotter" is probably worse than 6-8mths deployed on a real submarine, depends what your priorities are


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Your ACLO may well advise what job options are available, but the choice is yours. There's categorically no point trying to pusuade someone to join in a different branch as they are far, far more likely to become disaffected and quit.

If unsure, join the General Service as you are later free to volunteer to join the Submarine Service, once you have a better insight.

If you join the Submarine Service with no prior knowledge, transfering to the General Service is a far less likely option.

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