Tot Time Remembered

Discussion in 'History' started by janner, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    This may be of interest to some, especially Waspie, living in the Dorset area.

    Let it be known by this proclamation that all Seafarers, members and ex-members of Her Britannic Majesty’s Royal Navy including members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Royal Naval Reserve, Women’s Royal Naval Service, and other diverse organisations, together with members and ex-members of the other Armed Forces, the Royal British Legion, and the Royal Naval Association, and also any other interested civilians who may wish to attend, take part in, and imbibe of the ancient and revered occasion of Splice the Mainbrace which will be ceremoniously conducted together with various historical lectures and competitions in aid of the local Royal National Lifeboat Institute on Saturday 31st July 2010 at 14.30 or 5 bells of the afternoon watch at The Corner House Inn, in The Straits on Portland, to mark the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the stopping of the daily issue of 1/8 of an Imperial pint of Rum to the Royal Navy.

    Precedence will be given to the more senior attendees who drew a daily tot during their Naval career. Most especially welcome are holders of crossing the line and/or blue nose certificates, three-badgemen, ratings whose Service Certificates have no corner, anyone who has, or has had, a blue station card, members of the Fleet Air Arm whether or not their front line time has included a Warship, members of the Submarine Service as long as they are in date for a proper (ie non-birdbath) dhobi, Royal Marines, no matter which instrument they play, Blazer owning Field Gunners, with or without all appendages, Regulars and Irregulars of the Corner House Inn, Gentlemen (or Ladies) with more than 12 tattoos which are spelt correctly, Uckers Grand Masters, Scurry faced B*****ds, and in fact pretty much anybody.
  2. Rum gave me a "sad bastard" moment in 1970.
    I was due to be married the day after the tot was stopped. My leave began at 1200 on the 29th july, it was a wednesday. I didn't go, I was fucked if I was missing my last two tots. I had to make myself scarce during turn too on thursday and friday until after issue at 12o'clock.
    Then as soon as I had had it I blagged my way ashore. I was at Whale Island at the time.
    Got spliced the next day August 1st 1970 (Black Saturday)

    It was possible to get your tot at the island as you was not victualed in for it, it was a rum bar in the junior rates dining hall, with a rum card which I still have.
    Did anyone else do the reverse card dodge at the island? If you joined during the life span of your issue card they started punching holes in it from where you join. We would go in line and put our thumbnail by the hole to be punched(Dated) and the geezer would not usually check dates.
    You could turn the card around and put your thumb by the date before you joined and get it stamped there. Then go to miss musters. :D :roll:
  3. Being much younger than most I never drew the tot although I did try to make up for it the first run ashore in Gib where I was reliably informed was the only place to get genuine pussers rum.I vaguely remember the hangover lasted for about three days :lol:
  4. You can buy Genuine Pussers in an out door local to where I live, it is the real deal, and its £22.00 a bottle but worth every penny. I keep buying it and storing it as you never know when it will disappear.
    I never know when I will either but who gives a F_ _ K. :D :D
  5. Surely, if you can remember tot time you weren't doing it right?
  6. I was 'rum bosun' for a while on my last ship, 32 victualled members in the mess.... thats 32 sippers ('ave a wet bosun') then about 4 or 5 tots of 'queens' ... then my own tot.... used to hide somewhere every afternoon for a kip ! Happy days ! :wink:
  7. In barracks as a junior rating, no dinner time sesh :(
    But did get half and half tot at the Island. :lol:

    And flagdeck been there, ain't it a bastard. :roll:
  8. Let's all raise a glass to Admiral Le Fanu an officer and a gentleman and of course not forgetting a grog stopper. :wink:

    Good job, as it would be far too potent a distillation for the boys and girls of the modern Andrew.
  9. On the Eagle in the FES when the tot stopped, the day before my birthday. Older mess members took pity on me and donated enough of their own last tot to keep me very tired and confused until we hit Honky Fid 3 days later.
  10. Black strap molasses,brown cane sugar,caramel, yeast, and just one other mystery ingredient and your more that halfway there.
    burp :oops: :p :roll: :oops:
  11. Le Fanu was a right smarmy twat, he was CNFG when I was in the gulf in 68. He was in charge of the evacuation from Iran( Persia) just prior to the ayatollah checking in. I posted a pic of him on here taken in Bandar Abbas or Bushire.In fact.....

    Here's the guilty rum stopping bastard. :evil: :evil:


    Guess that's me in the center, just being professional after my tot. :D
  12. The two and one tot was more of an aperatif --dinner time you'd eat anything and everything . Standards of menu's and cooking got better when the tot stopped we could taste the meals .

  13. Really? I never noticed, I never needed to run and do loads of exercise when in the Andrew, the cooks did a better job than the PTI's in keeping me slim. :wink: 8O :D
  14. Excellent idea Janner, unfortunately too far for me to travel. However, since I do qualify on several of the above conditions, including 15 years "G", I would, with your permission, like to borrow your idea and extend an invitation to any RR members within striking distance of central York, to join me at a suitable time on the appropriate date, at a convenient hostelry, to celebrate (commiserate?) on this auspicious occasion. Rum drinking would not be obligatory, we could settle on a venue that caters for "T" and "UA" and drivers as well. Anyone interested please PM me and we can make suitable arrangements.

  15. Being a sad git I've just watched The Cruel Sea on DVD. A good couple of lines in that (not snorkers).

    "How's the food been since the cooks went on leave No 1"

    "Much improved Sir"
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  17. Stand fast the Holy Ghost :D :wink:
  18. [​IMG]

    yeah, and all those crates of Tiger were 'purchased' during a RAS. :eek:ccasion5:
  19. I had 9 big bottles of Tiger when England played the Huns, I got it in Asda, I ain't had none for about five years prior to that, even played by the rules and put a top on it.
    Orgasmic :roll: :wink: :D

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