Tot Day 2011

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Pieratking, May 23, 2011.

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  1. Every year since the tot was stopped on 31st July 1970, the Corner House Inn on Portland has held Up Spirits on the Saturday nearest the 31st, which this year is Saturday 30th July. The time has slipped slightly as we get older and has now moved from 1200 to 1500, but still a great day for dits, drinks, dancing and anchor faced fun and games!

    All Welcome - there is a Facebook group at Log in | Facebook with updates etc.

  2. I'd be no good attending, why would you want someone sitting in the corner breaking his heart?
  3. I was a wee sprog junior when the Tot said goodbye. Never had the privilege of gulpers, sippers or otherwise!!!

    Be a tad hypocritical me attending to celebrate something I never had - Officially!
  4. Anyone who drew a Tot for real (no splice the mainbrace for Royal Weddings etc) gets a grat issue!
  5. ..........and we're expecting a coach load of nurses!
  6. See now you have my attention.:toothy3:
  7. 9th March 1964 HMS Diana, somewhere East of Suez was my first tot. Got smashed courtesy of a great crew and still stood the middle watch that night. About that time splicers for something I can't remember but could have had something to do with Princess Margaret. Best perk removed from the mob since flogging was abolished. Oh, hang on, got six cuts at HMS Ganges 1960. :-(

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