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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by popeye123, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. I am thinking of buying one of these Satellite U400-15B Toshiba laptops or else a Dell XPS. Any info on which is better.
    Thanks in advance
  2. I can't offer an opinion on the Tosh but given my experience with Dell you won't get me going anywhere near another one again.

    I've looked at the different breeds of laptop available and I think the one that best suits my needs is the HP HDX-16 priced at about a grand. I may though just replace my knackered screen and wait until Windows 7 is released as I don't really want Vista.
  3. D**l puters are c**p, Medion from Aldi have top class components. I strip down puters "rescued" from skips etc,[ as a hobby ] and rebuild them,D**l cut corners.
    My lad has one of those tiny laptops with the 8 and a bit screens,120 gigs Hd and 1 gig ram wireless etc and it really does the job for about £230-40
  4. My son has an old XPS and it's the loudest bloody laptop I have ever been near. The fan seems to be constantly running. Certainly didn't impress me.
  5. Have you given Linux a run Jimmy? I got pissed off with windows years ago after having a virus kill our PC. After we got a new PC I was advised to try to bring the old one back to life by installing linux and it worked.Linux was a barsteward to use then but right now its a doddle.
    I have one box using a desktop,KDE4.1, which does all the fancy 3d stunts ala Vista but using only 1/3 of the Ram. I don't need the stunts, I just use it to show folks what can be done for free.
    You can get what they call a "live " version of linux which works from yer DVD without interfering with yer system,runs very slow compared to a full install but you can get an idea of whats on offer
  6. I cleared the trojans off an Acer [from tescos ] just last weekfor a buddy and my word did that run hot and noisy. My lads Medion and wifies Acer are both cool and quiet.I really would love to be able to afford a Mac to do me photies on,they seem to be the bees knees for graphics.

    PS I have done 17 clean-ups of windows machines since Xmas,all stricken with trojans and a touch of Thingies virus :wink:
  7. MS have done a real lousy job with vista, i.e to get a real performance from a laptop running vista, yopu would have to pay more. i.e. a lesser machine runs better with xp. Bought my daughter a medion laptop for crimbo, the spec is real good but because it has vista it is slower than my xp machine.
    While MS sort out their OS I strongly advise a macbook, or buy a new laptop and reverse engineer it too xp.
  8. Currently running 2 macs. iBook for my word processing and pics. G5 iMac for everything. Graphics etc superb. Only thing I have added is upped the RAM on the iBook to a Gig.

    I know Macs aren't everyones cup of tea, but they work for me.
  9. My lad has the tiny Medion with XP and you are 100% bang on,it is faster that some of the more powerful machines running Vista.
    I must say that these days my only experience of M$ is fixing the bugs but I think that Vista needs at least 2 gigs of ram just to work itself never mind work any other software.
  10. I have Ubuntu Linux discs kicking around somewhere but never bothered installing it. As I've said before I'm not interested in a mac, I don't want to buy into the mac 'thing'.

    I've heard so many negative references towards Vista that I don't want it and will be prepared to wait out until 7 is released which shouldn't be too long now. From what I read from some of the beta testers it sounds like a major step forward in comparison to vista and the reviews seem quite positive.

    I think I'll get my dell craptop fixed for the short term and then try out Linux on it once I've replaced it.
  11. I really want to like them, but I think it's a case of perserving with it! Takes awhile to get used to it. I'm on my second vaio, don't need anything fancy graphics wise... also have a little advent which i take to lectures. It's about half the price of my vaio and just as good.. like everything you pay for the name unfortunately! Have finally got round to uploading Norton the other day, but feck me I hate it- makes it go sooo slow. I just don't know what else to invest in next time round!?
  12. Ubuntu is a nice system Jimmy, i have version 8.10 on one machine which i keep for photies and i use UbuntuStudio on another just for music. I have put another system, 64Studio, onto an old box for my son to do his composing and recording and will updtae that to Ubuntu when i get time [or when he is not looking :wink: ]

    Ubuntu Studio

    studio home
  13. Download "Avast" ,a freebie and get rid of Norton which ahs a record of messing up some software and slowing down systems


    AVG free seems to be turning more commercial and the Conficker trojan was able to knock it out.
  14. Used to run Linux Ubuntu of IBM PC's. Nice OS. But I would recommend it to people with some PC knowledge as some aspects can be daunting. I had big probs getting my iPod to integrate with it. It could be done but it meant adding lines of script and I was getting outside my comfort zone.

    But for Inet, (Firefox is there browser), and emailing, superb. Would seriously go back down that road if I couldn't afford a replacement Mac.
  15. Ubuntu 8.10 is a big improvement and picks up hardware ,wireless etc with ease,not sure about ipods.But the support forums are very good and adding the lines of script if needed is just a copy and paste job. I have Suse 11.0 on this machine wot i use for the interweb and Firefox is brill as is Thunderbird mail. Most of the latest Linux systems can be run from a 4gb USB pen so you can take your systems with you and I have one that runs from a 50mb pen,basic but it works!!

  16. I too can recommend Macs. I have the misfortune to have to toil with a PC at work, whose spec on paper is vastly superior to my (old) MacBook but which operates at a snail's pace by comparison, especially the internet browser. If you go online a lot, Mac's Safari is vastly superior to MS's offerings. The Macs are also much better (read: faster) at processing spreadsheet data (I use Excel for Mac) unless enforced coffee breaks are your thing. ;) I must admit though that I use spreadsheets in the way most people use databases. :D
  17. Got talking to a guy the other day who got a top of the range Mac with 8gigs of ram,what have you got Thingy? This guy spent about £5k on this box. nearest outlet for Macs is about 80 miles from here so I can't go and have a butchers at them.
    I use OpenOffice for the od bits and bobs these days,the spread sheet is brill and has loads of macros written for it .
  18. I have a Toshiba and a Dell - Toshiba is far better, which seems to be why my daughter won't let me have it back! :roll:
  19. wot no mac Moomin?
  20. You must be joking! I'm not that up to date!

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