Tory Tax Targets 'Frequent Fliers'

My job involves flights to get to Aberdeen - I could drive the 400 odd miles by myself in a hire car or catch a train the day before just to get to Aberdeen in time for helicopter check-ins thus having to use taxis and cause yet more carbon emissions. Depending what time I get back into Aberdeen, it is physically impossible to catch a train that will complete the journey to my home town due to connections.
The only cost/time effective method of transport for me IS the aircraft - Brown has already increased the tax on this. Although I claim on expenses, I do get taxed on any travel expenses so it would be a tax upon a tax.

Increase the taxation - a good way of hurting the pocket of the working man/woman without seeing any benefit in return.
Increase tax on 'frequent flyers' pretty clever eh! so thats bussinessmen bring money into the country bounced for working! What about cabin crews and pilots -probably the most frequent flyers you get - alongside government ministers of course - be taxing them eh! Looks like the Tories have caught the leap before thinking bug then! They'll be good in government - just like Mr B. Liar and his crew then, same rules!
All these 'Carbon Tax' extras is just another way to get stealth tax out of everyone. I agree with the fact that the environment is changing ie. warmer, but do not believe that ,manmade CO2 is the driving factor. History has proven that the climate does fluctuate. They used to skate on the Thames! for example. Volcanoes push out vast more quantities of CO2. Are they going to ban those? What will the government tax when the climate changes direction again and how will they justify all these 'green taxes'? I would advocate recycling and energy efficiency as common sense and not to pollute just for the sake of idleness or indifference.
It's all a dead cert anyway, they know that those of us who fly that regularly are on business and most of our travel is paid for by the company who have no choice but to fly you.
As long as they don't hump the holiday makers, now that would be a c*@ts trick.
Instead of going overboard with all this talk of global warming the government and the opposition should sort out crime, NHS, education and immigration. :neutral: Global warming is with us and will stay with us while every person on this mortal coil has a hole in their arsch :neutral:
I get fed up every day when I open the paper or listen to the news all we seem to hear about is yet another "green tax". They never seem to mention where all this money is going or what other tax is going to be reduced instead..

Oops silly me just read this post.....
Aviation is one of the few remaining activities this country earns foreign money through. So the new f**kwit now wants to place us at a competitive disadvantage; what a star. Just the break that Schipol will have been hoping for. Additonally, chargeing Duty and/or VAT on AVTUR will simply roster domestic flights around overseas ones. Take on maximum fuel load at the cheap location and tank it around the domestic one. Net result, less trade for UK suppliers and another import for us to try and offset; but hey, what do I know.

Voting next time round is going to be bloody difficult. I foresee my ballot paper having "bollox" written across it.


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Standard_Bearer said:
sara21 said:
Labours green agenda of the week

'Lobbying for a ban on stand-by buttons on TV's and other electrical products' rock on Tony.
You said that twice. there should be a green tax on that :twisted:
Oi it is not my fault RR is being an arse, ohh actually it could be my chubby fingers over clicking... imagine the problems I am going to have using the remote if they ban the stand-by.
The_Caretaker said:
Will this inclues the govenment who frequently fly to far away places, if not why, would fcuk up old Tony?
Of course not, silly - they won't be causing pollution 'cos they are the good guys, and good guys don't do no wrong !!!