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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hermes_R12, Oct 12, 2010.

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    There is also growing speculation that Tory defence ministers could resign en masse if reductions to the defence budget are too severe or unsustainable.
    Disquiet among Conservatives over a weakening of the Armed Forces with Treasury enforced cuts of at least 10 per cent of it £37 billion budget are likely to grow this week after key decisions are made at the National Security Council meeting tomorrow (TUE).
  2. They would have to be honourable members to do that and history has shown us that not many of the incumbents deserve that compliment, so I therefore deduce that ‘resign on masse’ is a load of bollocks.
  3. Yup, bit like how the Papers suggested an en masse walkout of Lib dem mps in protest at the coalition and all that never happened. Il wait till it happens before I get hopeful. Generally politicials dont have the balls to be so noble
  4. Yep, normally the realisation that they're in a job that pays at least £65,000 a year plus expenses and that they only have to justify their existence once every 5 years overules what morals they have.

    edited for mathmatical incompetence
  5. Aren't 'all' politicians revolting?
  6. With the exception of Ann Widdicombe you are in all probability correct.
  7. That doesn't sound like a very good salary to me, K640 ......
  8. Yeah,Aye.....£5.41 per month isnt a very attractive wage packet :p
  9. Er yeh...I meant to say £65,000. :oops: Crappy keyboard at work...
  10. Funny you should mention that Nigel Lawson described this type of tactic,as "Bleeding Stumps"on Radio 4 today. According to him it's been used time & time again by ministries defending their respective departments past and present when faced by cut backs all the way back to Lloyd George and his cuts of the 1920s in education & defence ect.So nothing new there :lol:
  11. You should enter her in the 'Women than need a good seeing to' forum :)
  12. You chaps need to see her with the grace and beauty she exudes on Strictly Come Dancing.I will be naked in me armchair wating for her on TV this week with a well thumbed copy of The Exchange & Mart in hand. :oops:
  13. I can fully understand the bollocky- buff bit but the Exchange and Mart! 8O Unless of course you intend to roll it up and use it to beat (on seeing the graceful creature) the inevitable stiffy into submission?
  14. Aren't two of the three 'honourable and gallant members'? I suspect that these three know that taking a stand on this will most definitely not be political suicide; more likely, it would sound the death knell of the ConDems, and put them in a much better position with the next Conservative leader.
  15. Either way, the coalition seems to already be dying a slow death. It just hasnt realised yet
  16. Not exactly what I had in mind but a dammed good idea none the less and yes I do intend to roll it up. :)
  17. A slow death you say fcuk! thats spoilt my day. :p
  18. Oh yes a load of bollocks :salute:

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