Torpedo - Weapon or Ordinance?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by R12_CV, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Quick one having read this months NN;

    If the gun is the weapon, and the shell is the ordinance...

    What is the torpedo? I'd have thought ordinance.

    NN described a torp as a weapon.... is it scoop/journo error??
  2. Do you have a link?

    An ordinance is a decree, or a religious rite
  3. Whoops sorry R12, meant to put a winky smiley there.

    Actually it's a good question. Being an Ordnance Engineering bloke I've had both guns and torpedoes under my care and they've both been referred to as weapons and ordnance.
  4. Ballistic is spot on.

    Ordnance is the term for guns or mounted canon according to The Oxford book of words!!!
  5. Using that logic. The torpedo tube would be the weapon and the torpedo the ordnance.
  6. Taking one stage further, the entire submarine would be the weapon as the tubes can't be removed from the boat and are an integral part of the construction, the fish/tomahawks/tridents the ordnance.
  7. Last time I looked, it was the WSC, not the OSC.
  8. It's also a weapons discharge tube not a torpedo tube but let's not confuse the surface world too much.

    It's also "weapons readiness state" not "ordnance readiness state" to make it easier.
  9. 'Weapons Embarkation Hatch', 'Weapon onload', Weapon offload', 'Weapon in the water', 'Weapon active'.
    'Ordnance Embarkation Hatch', 'Ordnance onload', Ordnance offload', 'Ordnance in the water', 'Ordnance active'.
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    So Starboard crew use "Weapon" while Port Crew use "Ordnance"?

    If it helps at all, my Dad was an old-school OA (Ordnance Artificer) who regular worked on the delivery systems... no doesn't help much other than to reinforce the view that Weapons and Ordnance are reasonably interchangeable. :)
  11. Facetious twat, you know that's not what I meant. 1, 3, and 5 tubes are loaded with Ordnance, 2 and 4 with Weapons.
  12. Just a thought from my DTS addled brain:

    Could ordnance which leaves the ship/boat/aircraft and has a guidance system be considered to be a weapon, whereas ordnance which is unguided is merely ammunition?
  13. Stop!

    I was confused before - I definitely am confused now!:confused4:
  14. I always understood it that one of ours in the water was a weapon and one of their's was a torpedo, as in 'torpedo alarm'.
  15. Unlawfull - illegal. Weapon - ordnance. Fire- Shoot. Is there really a difference
  16. Doh, I'll have to get my spell checker fixed!

    This I also considered. But if for eg Sidewinders are weapons..... what would the old Sea Cat be, flying by wire? Would the guy on a joystick be the weapon..?!?

    Dunno....I just thought I'd ask.
  17. Torpedo is a weapon with Ordanance (Warhead and detonation system) stuck on the front
  18. So a Weapon delivers the Ordnance and the ordnance goes bang......Or according to Basil Brush BOOM BOOM
  19. .

    Bollocks, have I just put the mockers on this thread? :(
  20. I thought it was something to do with maps.

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