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Tornado to take over from Harrier in Afghanistan

Who needs carrier air anyway? The RN can always go back to building sturdy 'unsinkable' battleships like HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales to project power and protect the assault ships and transports carrying troops and their vehicles, ammo, fuel, stores and equipment into theatre. Besides, how many of our ships have been threatened, sunk or damaged by enemy air attack since the Second World War? As some people seem prepared to bet, it just doesn't happen. :roll:


War Hero
off_les_aura said:
…I have lived and breathed the FAA from an early age - my Great-Grandfather was commissioned from the ranks as an Engineer into the RNAS during the Great War, I sailed out with HMS Eagle on her way to the breakers yard in 1978 (aged 5) and one of my earliest memories is being lifted into the back of a Wessex Mk1 on HMS Ark Royal at Devonport Navy Days in 1977.

Ironically, one of my childhood memories is of going on a port tour at Plymouth and having the opportunity to see the previous HMS Ark Royal tied up and awaiting its final journey. I guess that must have been in 1979.

I also still have a faded picture of a very young Mushroom sitting in the cockpit of a FAA Sea Hawk at the Lee on Solent Open Day circa 1973 ish. I can still vividly remember waiting in baking sunshine with my Dad for my turn and getting worried when I heard one of the sailors remark they were running short of Polaroid film!!

off_les_aura said:
You're never going to win me over on any FAA/RAF debate!

And nor would I want to off les. Pride in your Service is a good thing!

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