Torn between two options

As you may have guessed from my name I have a choice to make whether to go down the RM route or on a sub.
So I've started my application for the RM, passed my interview yesterday and have my medical phone call next week but whilst I was at my interview my CA talked to me about possibly going for a UGAS instead.
Now I'm torn between going for the job I originally wanted with all the beasting and field work or a job with what looks like better promotion opportunities, all the monies and a degree at the end to boot.
I guess I don't know what my question is here just thought I'd put it out into the ether.
As a (biased) former Submariner:
If you meet the requirements - Go for the UGAS!

Best of luck whichever way your cookie crumbles (and many do crumble at RM training...)


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You'll serve until age 40 (probably) as a bootneck, RN can be a lot longer.

Look to future employability, there's not much call for people to live in a field, wear dresses and run up beaches but a sundodger with UGAS behind them, the possibilities are endless.


Maybe the sundodgers are the right option, doubt many people who aren't 100% committed to joining the marines meet the demands of training.


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UGAS= £31,100 starting pay, a "free degree" & transferable skills. A further £5k golden hello upon earning your kissing kippers (qualified submariner Dolphins). Plenty of opportunities to save money whilst on patrol. Disadvantages? Limited comms home, limited foreign trips.


Question is; "What is your motivation and your future civilian career intention?"

Can you do both? Feasible, but not guaranteed.

Advice? Go for the job your gut tells you that you want to do the most.


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:(£5k for Dolphins I was ripped off, I got a shot of rum. Then get on with your FWD Tech & TWS boards, no rest until fully qualified.

I have met many booties that live the life, when they are doing the role they trained for, but hate it when doing time wasting jobs back in barracks, same for jack but my guess the UGAS programme will see you in roles of responsibility quicker than most entry routes'
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The Dolphins are also for life. There are now three or four piss ups a year in various parts of the UK to keep you in touch. (Just the one I believe for the Nucfairies>

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