Torn between CIS and MA!

Passed my RT, selection and medical and I have a fitness test coming up in the next couple of weeks.

I'm currently applying as a MA however I'm torn between MA and CIS.
I currently work as a HCA for the NHS. I like the idea of being a MA in the navy, however I also like the idea of CIS.

I seem like enjoy more technical stuff...

Pros/Cons for each trade?!


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CIS is now a technical branch with tranferable qualifications. As a CIS you can expect to go to sea more regularly than an MA but you can also expect to keep watches (shifts) at sea. MAs tend to work in small teams, sometimes alone, have a large degree of autonomy & responsbility but spend more of their career shoreside than at sea.MAs can go on to qualify as ODPs if academically eligible & recommended, based on performance. Both branches offer the potential to offer employment within 3 Commando brigade. Promotion is probably faster as CIS ET(WE) and although it shouldn't influence your choice (but will), MA has a waiting time nearly three times longer than CIS.
NS has covered that spot on but I'll add my 2p just for the sake of it.

The two roles clearly couldn't be any further apart, so only you could decide what is right. CIS will see you hands on with operating and maintaining comms and IS kit, providing warfare comms during exercises, covering a 1-3 watch system(shite). You'll also be involved in firefighting which the MAs 'generally' get out of as they are first aiding.

MAs will generally have a cushier life and less/shorter billets on warships, no watch keeping. But you do have to deal with minor/major medical issues that arise on board, which ain't for everyone. But seeing as you're doing it for a living already I assume you like it.
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