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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by witsend, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


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  2. Brilliant.:happy7:

    It would need to be explained in simple terms.
  3. Two more for you to **** up then, crack on.
  4. Hmm the only thing i think you can try is restart your laptop in safety mode with internet access then go download AVG free or download some kind of malware detector and let that do its work. For the future dont watch as much dodgy porn. ;)
  5. PC World! The assistants there know as much about computers as you appear to do, not a lot.

    As for pissing me off, I think not. There now do you see how easy it is to respond without the juvenile expletives.

    You have obviously failed to protect yourself adequately, let this be a cautionary tale for you.
  6. Shall I be the first to offer sensible advice?

    1, why the **** are you using IE, switch to Firefox immediatly. No time to explain.

    2, download Adaware's install app to the desktop --- boot up in safe mode -- install addaware and run a full scan.

    PM me if this does not work.
  7. Here''s what I do:

    Use a clean pc and search google for the virus name. Chances are it's been identified and removal tools and instructions will be posted somewhere. Look around tho and don't pay anything for them.

    Virus writers need tying to a gate and given a good genital massage with steel toecap boots!
  8. This.. And if its really really fcked then the best and sometimes only way is to format HD and reinstall. Backup everything important on disks/usb sticks. Then blitz everything with the windows disk.

    Better yet, sell the twat on ebay and buy a mac as SJRM pointed out.
  9. There used to be a small anti virus program called Stinger, (MacaFee produced). Don't know if they still do it. I have moved to Mac now so my Windows knowledge is ancient now.

    You have to download it to the infected PC. (Just Google 'Stinger') Then open and run Stinger and it will attempt to find a number of nasty bugs. If found it then gives you the option of what to do.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

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  11. Thanks Janner, I didn't know if it had been dropped, superseded or what.

    Good little app is Stinger.
  12. just had a spot of bother with my laptop Its just been in to be checked when i got it back it woulf not connect to the internet ..SOs i phones the man up an hour on the phone it seemed as if it was oh but hell no .So messed about a bit kept connecting the diconnecting then i got a message to say to restore to an earlier date (not been a wizz )i waas apprehensive but **** i thought here goes its been OK so far i hope it stays like that as well if not its going back
  13. Had a virus once --that was enough .

    Norton AV internet security installed ever since and renewed yearly One renew cd does three computers so its money well spent..
    Does regular health checks and cookie remove is also up to date with new viruses as they are discovered !
    Another bit of advice is to keep up with Windows Security downloads !

    As for the advice about viruses and downloading the removal tools well yes --if you can find the virus name to start with!
  14. Agree with most of what Greenie's said. The bit about knowing a specific virus name is sorta mis leading in that if you do know a specific virus has invested your PC then you can go to your AV provider and see if they have a specific 'tool' to remove that virus. Stinger will in most cases find, identify and in most, not all, cases remove the problem. The thing with Stinger that some are not aware, you have to download the Stinger program each time you use it at it does update its search parameters to accommodate the latest virus that are about.
  15. Aye, good point! But it's generally best to run some anti-virus program on your 'puter.

    I use a free program called AVG. It's free and more importantly so are the updates. That's how I got the name of 'my' virus! [nephew used the PC, we think it came from a kids 'online games' site.]

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