Tories to re-open Dr Kelly enquiry.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wet_blobby, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well according to the daily wail anyway.

    I hope they do, provided they get elected into office, the whole thing just doesn't stack up for me. It seems there's a group of Doctors pressing for a re-opening, I'd imagine they'd know more about how someone can die than Lord Hutton. It's also very strange that Hutton has deemed the evidence submitted and the autopsy report so sensitive it cannot be released for 70 years, makes you wonder what they've got to hide.
  2. it's been a puzzle,not enough blood when the wrists were cut,not enough drugs in the system to kill him and,as said,a cover up for 70 years.
    Something smells but what,the Iraq thing is over what's to be gained by exposure? except the leaders at the top telling lies!Now that couldn't happen could it?
    I'd like to see it cleared up,a fine man may have been sacrificed or maybe not but we should know.
  3. The whole affair stinks and I for one would welcome opening up the can of worms.
  4. What he said!

    Lying scumbags - 70 years -nothing to hide then!
  5. What really puzzled me was the speed with which The Bliar announced an inquiry and the fact that one of the first things Hutton did was to dismiss the Official Coroner.

    From a previous post on the same subject:-

    " David Kelly is found dead in a wood. Tony Bliar and the Prince of Darkness are in flight between the USA and Japan. By the time they arrive in Tokyo Bliar has announced an inquiry and even named Hutton to lead it.

    Conveniently Hutton supplanted the Official Coroner even though his inquiry didn't possess the statutary powers that the Coroner had.

    It's interesting that six doctors are now attempting to overturn the Hutton Inquiry's verdict of suicide:-

    An inquiry by Lord Hutton concluded Dr Kelly, a Ministry of Defence advisor [actually Britain's senior weapons inspector], had died from cuts to his wrist and an overdose of powerful painkillers.

    But a group of six doctors want the case re-examined, claiming there is insufficient evidence to prove he committed suicide.

    Trauma surgeon David Halpin, epidemiologist Andrew Rouse, surgeon Martin Birnstingl, radiologist Stephen Frost, Chris Burns-Cox, who specialises in internal general medicine, and Michael Powers QC, a former assistant coroner, have instructed solicitors and aim to approach the Attorney General Baroness Scotland to get the case before the High Court."

    Pass the popcorn

  6. I for one would like an independent review of the Hutton inquiry. Unfortunately this lies deep within the Labour administration bowels and under the premiership of Tony Blair. Dr Kelly accused the government of 'sexing' up the dossier on WMD's. We all know now that he was right, but unfortunately he is not alive to feel vindicated. Lord Hutton moved from Northern Ireland to England in 97. Who was voted in as Prime Minister in 97? Tony Blair has blood on his hands.
  7. It's pretty obvious what happened to Dr Kelly
  8. The shadow secretary can say what the hell he likes now; but if he is unfortunate enough to get into office, then he will change his mind very quickly indeed.
  9. But if he does there are plenty of peoplke who will be only too happy to line up and remind him ... and demand justification (which cannot be as simple as "it is in the national interest")
  10. On the other hand if the Tory majority is slim we may well see a concerted campaign of such enquiries to both disrupt the inevitable leadership crisis and whilst Labour is both discredited and to all intents leaderless call a snap Autumn election, queque landslide.
  11. The only way to make him do it is to hold him legally responsible for his words.
  12. MI5 were all involved, bet my bottom dollar

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