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'Tories to defend Bliars legacy'


War Hero
Seems the lunatics really have finally taken over the asylum…

The Tory leadership will risk infuriating traditionalists further by claiming that they - and not Gordon Brown - are the true defenders of Tony Blair's legacy.
With the ink still drying on the resignation of a front-bencher who would not toe the line on grammar schools, shadow chancellor George Osborne is to say that the party agrees with the current Prime Minister on the "essentials of the way forward" for public services.

By contrast, Mr Brown has "lurched to the left" and is now aligned with "unreconstructed elements" of Labour which want to place "roadblocks" in the way of reform.

Mr Osborne will tell an audience in London: "This growing consensus between the current Prime Minister and the Conservative Party does not appear to include the next Prime Minister.

"And therein lies the political battle ahead. For Gordon Brown rejects the very idea that there should be alternative providers of taxpayer-funded public services."

Mr Osborne will say he and David Cameron are committed to pushing forward Mr Blair's flagship city academies programme, and extending the "choice" agenda by giving parents more scope to decide which school their child attends.

"As the Prime Minister leaves office, there is agreement between him and ourselves on the essentials of the way forward - if not on the methods of achieving it," Mr Osborne is to say.

"We both agree that the country needs taxpayer-funded public services that are free at the point of access, and which are exposed to consumer choice.

"And we also both agree that this choice should include, with certain proscriptions, the ability to receive that service from an alternative provider."

The intervention comes after the Tories' Europe spokesman Graham Brady announced he was stepping down after receiving a severe reprimand for speaking out in favour of grammar schools.'to+defend+Blair's+legacy'


I believe (if these are wrong, pls correct, these have come from a variety of sources)that currently the strength of our Armed Forces is
British Army is current just over 100,000;
RAF is about 48,000
RN is about 36,000
I believe currently that the MoD employs 100,000 civil servants!!!
Whatever the political agendas of the Prime Ministers who succeed Blair, they have a huge task of undoing the harm he did government, this is Blair's legacy!!!


War Hero
Does the RN figure include the RM Blood?
I was surprised to recently discover at my RMR lecture that there is currently just under 5000 trained RM ranks (that includes RMR)


I believe it does, figures are the trained strength correct 1 Oct 06, with 4,300 in training. But is doesnt include the Reserves or the 2,000 civilian personnel of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA). Any updated figures would be appreciated.


War Hero
lol if they are defending his so called legacy WHY did they fight like cat an dog... maybe if they had stopped to think about us so called ""little people"" we would have a better standard of life
too much "" pot calling kettle black""
hindsight is a marvelous thing.........
whether they are lib dem... con... or lab.... when it comes to being in power they are all the same........yellow.........
Dear all, I have recently made several pro-Tory comments on these boards, however subsequent to this this and Eton boy Cameron slagging Grammars I am completely stumped as to where to place my support now, Lib Dems wiling to go into Coalition with Labour if needs be, and the Tories wanting to follow Blair.

And the choice is now between what exactly?
Role reversal - Tory is the new New Labour, without any policies - Blue rinse Tory is consigned to the dustbin of politics.
Our next interim Prime Minister will be the closest the country is likely to get to a real Labour one.
If the Conservative party aka New Labour is elected next time around then the present policies will be continued for better or worse; which means years more of cheesey grins.
As an aside I have recently voted in my local elections in Barcelona. There were 13 parties or organisations standing from the extreme right to the opposite. When you go in to vote a representative of each party checks your identification before you are allowed to cast your lot, a sensible idea.


War Hero
So no matter who wins, we'll have another 10 years of no effective opposition ? No ta, had anough of that one, thanks.


War Hero
Potential_Officer said:
And the choice is now between what exactly?

'neue arbiet spin', 'neue konservative spin', or 'neue liberal spin'…

Nothing to choose between them now, you might as well spin a bottle. :angry7:
Heard a new one (to me) on the current affairs programmes. It's no longer "New Labour", it seems it's now "Blue Labour".

Made me laugh, anyway, but then I'm easily pleased.
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