Tories propose school selection by race

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 27, 2007.

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  1. its still ongoing today slim. its began with a lot of long bus rides and people of different cultures (highland park is different than plano - they're different suburbs of dallas, texas) together and it generally doesn't work
  2. It will be interesting to see the results of this busing and compare the exam results of the predominantly white school and the predominantly black school before and after busing. I will put money on it that though the results may even out the average scores of each pupil will fall. Unfortunately by the time this has happenned the children at these schools would have suffered yet another blow to their education.
    Before anyone jumps on the wagon and calls me a racist the problems with schools which have predominantly black students is many of the students are either first generation English or they are immigrants. Besides having to learn the UK education system they are often struggling to learn the language. This has nothing to do with the intelligence of the students, a white child transported to an African school would have similar difficulties.
  3. Education must start at home, a childs view of other cultures is always affected by their parents' view. If their parents are bigotted rascists, guess what, its a good chance that they will be as well. Although living in an area where there is a low or even very little ethnic minorities Ive never been a rascist, but when i chat to guys who grown up in Brum/Bradford/London Im quite shocked how rascist some of them can be, why is this?
  4. to be honest, there's a strong sub-culture of the black culture here that views learning things, and "acting white" as bad things - there have even been some murders.

    i fail to see how these students or the white students bussed into their schools will ever improve themselves or go anywhere except to the trailer park or the ghetto.
  5. Don't we already have selection by race? The wealthy elite "herrenvolk" segregate their children from the rest of us by sending them off to public schools.

    I am opposed to segregation of any kind. Children should mix with a variety of people from all walks of life, skin colour groups, belief groups, eye colour groups and learn to live together. Intellectual segregation of the bright and dim already occurs at 16, and we should leave it at that.
  6. When I saw the title of this thread I had a sudden vision of parents in running gear competing in a "Race" to get the best school places for their kids.......................... :oops:
  7. I think it is always easier for a them and us culture to form if there is a them and us. That of course does not mean that it is guaranteed. Many many years ago I went to an outward bound school and in my watch there were ten ordinary guys and two short arses, one was a Jesuit Novice and the other was a baby Orangeman. By the end of the month they had proved that oil and water can mix very well and they both left with a very different view of their opposites
  8. Schools aould be better run with a military angle.
    All schools with the same national curriculum.
    No private schools.
    No religion in schools.
  9. School places awarded by race:
    That'd be a good idea to keep our flabby youngsters a bit fit.
    1st one in the race gets the best place in the best school.
    Last one goes to an inner city comp with a metal detector at the doorway.
    Or am I missing something here? :lol:
  10. I think there are already too many quota's in Britain, and this suggestion is inherantly racist because it treats blacks and whites as two separate categories. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what colour skin you've got you're still a person; and I think that this sort of political categorisation by the Government will only fuel further discrimination and racial tension. Will there be a gender quota next, or what about a sexual orientation quota?

    Priority for places in schools should go to the children of parents who live in the school's geographical area; and if this should make a school predominantly white, then what of it? Conversely if the school is predominantly black, then what of it? The main issue that needs to be addressed is that regardless of what school the pupil attends, he or she needs to be permitted the same opportunities to attain respected qualifications and to be equipped with the skills required to succeed in life; and this is not being achieved by the current education system and it won't be achieved by forcing schools to adhere to targets and quotas.

    A friendly rivalry between schools can only be beneficial because it fosters healthy competition. Schools need to actively seek to provide the best education possible for their pupils, and the league tables are a good indicator of the country's best schools. The league tables also indicate the schools that are failing and these issues can be addressed rather than let by un-noticed.

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