Tories good for the Navy

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by phil1972, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. anyone under the illlusion that the tories would see us right on the spending review will now be under no misaprerhension that the current governments priorities are with new projects rather than existing omes
  2. The Tories were never really 'good' for anything.

    The Thatchbitch destroyed this country and put profit firmly before people and therefore 'self' before the 'society' she so despised thus creating the horrible selfish, moronic, and self obsessed 'culture' in which we now wallow.

    It can't be long.

    I've got the t-shirt ready.
  3. Guzzler - I think the late 90s were the birth of the "me me me" culture, not the 80s - and it was certainly reinforced by successive proclaiments by NuLab.

    At the end of the day, politicians are politicians - whether red or blue they are all out for themselves. One is no more trustworthy than the other.
  4. The myth that HM Forces are better off under tories is debunked.Again.

    Oh well, at least we are supporting defence/space etc spending in other countries through ring-fenced foreign aid.
    People got what they voted for, sort of.
  5. angrydoc. Like Guzzler, I spotted the "Me, Me Me" and "sod you" attitude in the mid '80s. It was mainly the "thrusting" City people, later wearing red braces. The slow of understanding, such as the Chav classes, took a while to, err, understand its attractiveness to their selfish inclinations. Indeed, the attitude was truly endemic in the '90s but the seeds were most certainly sown much earlier.

    The Conservatives are no different to any other group of self serving politicians. The only difference seems to be that they are fixated on what is good for the City and Business whereas Labour is more fixated on what's good for employment. It is probable that it's the latter dogma that provides more kit for Defence but neither of them really give a sod about the purpose nor bothered to even understand its application.
  6. Seems the bitch is in hospital.

    Probably to eat babies I know, but one can hope it's something that hurts her.
  7. Sorry angrydoc, didn't notice this until my last rant.

    They say that one is old when coppers look young - the realisation that one is clearly older than an established doctor (I'm that old I call my civvy doctor 'doctor' as a matter of old fashioned respect) makes me feel ancient!

    The greed that is now destroying this country exploded during the Thatcher years. It has been pointed out by P-o-L that all politicians are nothing but self-serving liars and cheats, and I fully agree with him.

    I am no political thinker, but have great interest and concern about the culture of England/Britain (a bigger issue than the politics in my opinion), and despite the clear failings of the previous government I will not be swayed from my opinion that that absolutely dreadful woman has done incredible social and cultural damage to this country.
  8. AD & Guzzler,

    Innate selfishness goes back even further than that; 'Bu**er you Jack, I'm inboard' was a popular RN phrase in the '40's, if not earlier.

    Guzzler, noting your aversion to Maggie I have to tell you that when, as leader of the opposition, she visited my boat & she spent more time than planned in the JRs mess (traditionally ultra Left wing).

    What she said I don't know but she charmed them out of the trees with her practical outlook and had 'em ALL eating out of her hand. Suprised none of us when she was elected.

  9. Gisagree it all staryted in 1984 .when she sterted dismanteling all the countries heavy industry
  10. I'm not being funny mate but the heavy industry had the country by the bollocks and the strikes in 1974 and winter of discontent in 1979 proved this. I vividly remember aged around 3 being told by my mum that the lighting and heating was going to go off at a certain time. Now thats life you might say but not in winter, in a one bedroomed flat-8 storeys up- with no double glazing and damp on the walls with the rings on the gas oven switched on to try to heat the place.

    I remember it and i'm sure others do too. The unions got too powerful and in my common belief led to their downfall.

    My two penneth!!

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