Tories;don't you just love them!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by finknottle, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. Tories to reduce tax on beer and bingo!

    All very well but I am still paying top $ for my flat caps and whippets, the patronising c*.>s. 
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  2. I thought that was a South of the Border and East a bit hobby?
  3. Well they could have put tax on beer and bingo up if you would wish?
    Or would you rather they reduced tax on polo mallets and pimms?
  4. Let him wait until that prat Salmond tries to juggle the books.
  5. It's easy Finks, trade in the flat cap and whippets for a top hat and black labrador!
  6. Untermensch love beer and bingo. The only people that think this is patronising are the hipster, tory hating sections of the middle class who like tho think they know what the gutter council mongs think and feel and old cunts who whine at everything to do with politics ever.

    You know it's a successful budget when this is all everyone's dripping about. BZ George.
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  7. Bingo **** yeahhhh
  8. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    At last... a place to park my £15,000 of spare cash that I didn't know what to do with. (how does one indicate sarcasm?) :D
  9. I just sold my house and I very much welcome this.
  10. Reading some of the above there is no wonder that the Tory front bench think that they are superior born to rule beings, oh how easily they can bamboozle the plebs by throwing them a few carrots.

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  11. The increase in tax free earnings I see you failed to mention Finks.
  12. If you were born after April 5th 1948.

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  13. Im good by almost 40 years.
  14. The plebs can wash down their shite sandwich that MLP loved to bang on about with their 'cheaper' pint; enjoy.

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  15. Anyone born before 1950 is a drain on the economy anyway.

    Hurry up and show us your version of the budget, indicating where you can maintain economic growth, encourage business growth, economic productive capacity, continue to reduce the deficit, improve investment all whilst steering the nation away from another financial crisis whilst keeping fat jobless women in bingo.

    I await an insight into your fiscal and economic plan with no small amount of excitement.
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  16. Hmmmm, the only thing that really interests me at the moment is a better return on my savings which will come with an interest rise and I feel that's just round the corner. It will do those with a mortgage good to feel what it's like to dig deep.

    Raise more money, hound down the tax dodgers and put a 80% tax on banksters bonuses.

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  17. Oh.

    Oh deary me.
  18. I knew it would be the bankers fault.
  19. Fixed that for you and It was don't ya know.

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  20. You didn't believe that I gave a s..t about anyone else; did you?

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