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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Chimp, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. I'm a foolish RMR recruit in need! Does anyone out there know where you can get hold of red torch filters for the pusser's issue right angled torch? My training team didn't say (or not say, come to think of it) that you can draw them from stores. So in the meantime I've checked a few army surplus websites and they don't sell the filters seperately from the actual torches. Any suggestions will be be greatly appreciated, cheers!
  2. Get a bit of red Cellophane( As used in crap 3D glasses), place lens cap over top and cut out, tape it to lens (glass) Bobs your Uncle. If its a pussers right angle you should be able to draw a filter from stores though.
  3. Another alternative is to remove the glass bit from the bulb and solder in a red LED with a suitable resitor and you have a good red torch with almost everlasting batteries.
  4. Or, dont use the heavy piece of shit in the first place and use a 2 cell maglite that fits nicely in your arm pocket on your smock. Which unit you playing with chimp??
  5. Firstly, not wanting to insult your intelligence, look inside the torch case, where the battery is. The spare lens are held in the foot of the case. If you have no red ones left, use a red permanent marker and colour a clear one in.

    Failing that, try a Navy and Army Surplus store on the high street or in the Market Place.


  6. Thanks for the tips! Nutty bag I'm with RMR Scotland. Recently started training so i'm still getting to grips with the kit. I think I'll take your advice and get hold of a maglite. I don't want to knock the standard kit or anything cos I know it's pretty good these days but the standard issue torch is probably the crappest piece of outdoor kit i've ever come across. Cheers again!
  7. Chimp

    The 2 cell maglite can taped to the weopon and used when clearing buildings in FIBUA/OBUA or what the fcuk its called these days so again its a sensible buy. I still have mine from when i started training in 1990 along with a mauser officers knife which again did a better job than the issue clasp kinfe piece of crap

    PM me if you have any other questions mate, i only respond to sensible ones however. LOL
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Whatever happened to the "trendy booty around town" look of a Normark or a leatherman?
  9. Nah they were generally reserved for the ninjas in Raiding Sqn when they minced about in inflatables.

  10. Consider one of these (3 Watt LED Maglite powered by 2 x AA batteries) at a fraction of the normal price!

    Then buy the accessory kit which includes a red filter and replace the clear filter with the red one.
  11. Still got my Normark and a tasty little Gerber, good for playing chicken within the field, He He He...erm I mean creeping up behind the German sentry and..erm no that was the Commando comic I was reading last night...Nurse, Meds please Stat.

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