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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Why? dear sweet jesus your meant to be the main man on this, why?

    What can posses a 22 year old who has been to one of THE very best schools in this country, obviously fcuked up somewhere along the line, to top himself.

    sad, very sad.
  2. Blobbs

    These things happen mate. I had to contend with an eleven year old girl who had hanged herself a while back, shits you up no end and makes you appreciate life!!

  3. Blobs, did you forget the link thingy? :thumright: :thumright:
    Edited to remove 'witty remark', until I find out more
  4. Which toff and topped itself and why?

    Confused or Surbiton.
  5. Thought it was a kink post :oops:
  6. The ultimate form of self criticism
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sorry fellas I was shedded, one of the young lads who works for me in his holiday periods from school/collage just topped himself. How can things go so wrong for a young lad that he feels the only escape is suicide? What a tragic waste.

    Looking on the bright side I now have a job vacancy for the summer.
  8. Blobs, suicide rates in NZ in the Teens- early 20s are shocking. United Nations studies have consistently placed NZ as having one of the highest rates in this group in the OECD a lot of it is not being able to cope with family (or even their own) expectations ie university or job. Cyber bullying (by TXT or PC/Email or on teen Blog' sites are also cited. This interesting piece from the NY Times also cites reluctance to seek professional help, as being a major cause.
    Whatever the cause this is a tragic waste of, often, very gifted kids who think there is no other choice. Very sad indeed.

  9. True dat… you don't tend to see Charlie Chave topping himself, it's usually some over indulged, privilidged 'got it all and the worlds their oyster' spoilt kid who does the pills and booze routine.

    "Oh i'm so angst ridden, mummy and daddy expect so much of me"
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I feel so sorry for his mother, she's already buried his father now she gets to plant her son as well, he was a good lad, a bit "tim, nice but dim" but a good lad. Such a waste.
  11. The minds a strange thing, look at the falklands veterans, more have now topped themselves than were actually killed in the war, why so many? you would expect the odd one but over three hundred ? these were guys who joined up of their own free will, they were profesional soldiers /sailors fully knowing that one day they may be expected to face combat that was their job and what they were trained for yet twenty five years later hundreds are dead by there own hand
  12. In the USA 35% of soldiers returning from Iraq are actively seeking mental health assistance. In the UK there is little follow-up mental health care/tracking for ex-servicemen; they just fall off the radar screen and this eventually leads to the dire suicide figures for Falkland veterans.

    I would like to think that someone in MoD is being pro-active and ensuring that help is readily available for our guys when they return and that help continues to be there for them when they leave the services. We don't want to be 25 years down the road and wondering why we have lost more Iraq/Afghanistan veterans to suicide than we did on the ground.

    All Things Considered, February 28, 2006 · A new study shows that 35 percent of troops returning from Iraq are seeking help for mental-health issues. Most of the problems are easily treatable, but more than one in 10 soldiers are diagnosed with a serious mental illness such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression

    Washington Post Link >

  13. wet_blobby... I worked in an ambulance service, in 7 years service I attended suicides galore.... they are always sad and usually could have been prevented......

    The terminology of shit happens jumps to mind as we all hold the right to self determination.
  14. An Oppo of mine, who was of mixed race, committed suicide by jumping into an empty dry dock as we returned from a run ashore. I had no idea he was contemplating doing this, but I was aware that he felt that his mixed parentage made him "lower class" than the rest of the ships company. As we walked across the dry dock caisson, he climbed over the railings, and simply said he'd had enough. With that, he jumped!
    I won't put any details on this post that could identify him, but I hope he found peace in death.
  15. The question is surely whether the victim prefers death to the chaos and turmoil of reliving traumatic events of unimaginable horror? The other issue is whether a person needing help is likely to get the help they need. The benefits application process, for example, is not really geared up to people with mental health problems (or some disabilities!), which can itself greatly exacerbate a victim's mental decline and ability to cope. This is where despair tends to set in, and it is despair during depression that is the real killer.
  16. I`m getting depressed reading this thread.
  17. I second that.
  18. They have had practice...

    19% of 3 Million is a lot of problems....
  19. Like I said, as a medic (including service in a foreign armed body) I saw loads of shit. I never thought it would touch me - the thought never occured - I was invincible!

    2005 I had my head bady kicked in - I was in the process of reporting the bullying of Juniors by seniors - I was armed at the time and found lying on the floor.... no weapons had been taken!

    Since then, I have been diagnosed with PTSD, CPS, Amnesia (retro and post traumatic) spent 4 months in Headley court and been off work for over 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! < I know no one who has had over a year off work and believe me I hate it - I know what depression does and I know all the little bits that come with it and trust me, suicide has looked a good option more than once!

    Two tours of Bosnia, a tour of Kosovo another two of the province and the Gulf also Rwanda and Afghanistan all merged in Nightmares combing years as a paramedic - trust me, I know what depression and helplessness is and jumping, swallowing pills or slitting ones arms can be a fair release from a living hell - fuck what comes after that!

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