Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by higthepig, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Can someone please explain to me what Topmast is ,ive seen it mentioned some where on here,and what do serving guys old and new think of it, i suppose that i was long gone when it came in,ive certainly not heard of it.
  2. Basically it started with the OM branch; instead of having your separate trades for UW/AW/EW the RN had changed it to TopMast. On the basis that you do your 6 or 8 weeks basic Radar training, BISC etc you then would be drafted to a ship and what ever trade they were lacking on you trained for this. Where as I was UW and stayed that way, you could change from ship to ship, apparently, on what your specific OM trade was. Also it was suppose to work on the line of you do 3 months onboard then 3 months on land, I think it was more along the lines of training course and such. Also, working this out your promotion from OM2 to OM1 was quicker than the original warfare trades. Suppose it is a bit like turning warfare slowly back into the source branching.

    I am not too sure how it has turned out now but that’s the way it was being brought in before I left.
  3. The following should put you out of your misery.


    In recent years the Navy has introduced TOPMAST. The purpose of TOPMAST is to maintain a balance between Fleet staffing needs and the Serving person's individual training and personal needs. Based on a squad system, TOPMAST aims to provide each member of the Service with approximately one year shore side to every two years at sea. Although not guaranteed due to the Navy having to respond to developing circumstances worldwide, TOPMAST offers participating personnel greater opportunity to attain both their training and harmony requirements, whilst ensuring their ship retains operational capability. Initially introduced with the lower rates, the system will eventually benefit all Naval personnel. If you are "Topmasted" you are likely to have to liaise with the Waterfront Manning Office, which has its own personnel and manpower sections.

  4. That's interesting: Topmast means different things even within the Andrew. :roll:
  5. Mind you, I'm commenting from the early days of them introducing this to the warfare branch. I couldn't give you an up to date version but it may work differently to each trade?

    Who knows :roll:
  6. Well I just got the info from the MOD Navy website. To me Topmast is part of a sailing ship! Alas, gone are the days when you could circumnavigate the East Anglian coast on a stone frigate!!! :wink:
  7. Who knows :roll:[/quote]
    Alas, gone are the days when you could circumnavigate the East Anglian coast on a stone frigate!!! :wink:[/quote]
    I know what you mean, there was the time before I left when they changed the mod telephone operators to a civvy company and I lost my rag when I was trying to get a number within HMS Collingwood from enquires, after being buggered around for 10 minutes she came back to tell me that as she couldn't find a number HMS Collingwood must be at sea.........
    Why me lord :?:
  8. TOmorow's Personell MAnagement System Today.................................... apparently.
  9. The buzz in Guzz is that Topmast isn't working. The guys & girls don't want to come ashore as it costs them money (No LSSB etc.) and they get messed around moving from ship to ship more frequently than promised. It was sold as giving the sailor stability but this appears to have fallen by the wayside. On the financial side, it is costing the Mob a lot of money to have people in shore bases not being productive. I have heard through the grapevine that Topmast is not sustainable and alternatives are being looked at.

    Heard about the Topmast guy that was on two bottles of vodka a day because nobody bothered to employ him ashore?

    The stumbling block is that the Topmast idea was that of those in high positions now - fat chance of them admitting its not working.

    Be good to hear from those who are Topmasted to see what they think rather than all this rumour.
  10. TOPSHAFT would be a more appropriate name
  11. I remember when they were talking about this, made it sound great but no one in the OMs branch wanted it.

    Nice to see the Andrew listens to it's people!
  12. It was a stupid idea at the time, and is a stupid idea now. Every ship has a squad of 130% of the JRs it needs, and rotates the extra 30% round for "harmony". However, most of the extra bods are P7RD, people landed for psychiatric evaluation and pregnant wrens, so you end up with 90% manning on board and 40% sitting idle shoreside.

    The worst thing is that JRs have the "right" to TOPMAST harmony time, whereas SRs just have to lump it. Being SRs, they drip privately but never say anything publicly because they have the decency not to question orders. Crazy Wiggy is right - TOPSHAFT is a very appropriate name.

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