Topmast to be Canned?

Now this wouldn't surprise me. Word from the top is that Topshaft was "Only intended to be trialled for 5 years and isn't working" So is set for re-asessment. Could be gash buzzes from tired old EWOs but with the restructure of the branches could hold some weight.
Also when I was sorting out the scheme of complement for the department (CIS & SEA) I didn't have enough personel to fill all the onboard billets nevermind the squad billets.
However, I'm now shoreside and don't have to worry about that anymore.
Yet again Naval policy that hasnt worked. Sat in a briefing about Topmast in 2000 in Gib. Had the temerity to tell the briefing officer that it wouldnt cure retention problems due to the fact that they had to solve the OM branch first. I was then told that IT WOULD WORK BECAUSE HE SAID SO.
Mind you I was a cynical LWEM at the time. In fact being attached to 1 ship for five years would in effect worsen retention rates.
For crying out loud 2 and half year drafts were actually working. TBH it is nice to get a change of scenery and shipmates every 2 and a half years, Even though you may stay in class. Always been a T22 man myself.
Dipped in though as a Source branch member Topmast never affected me, and then became a SNR, so never had to deal with a 5 yr draft, although waterfront was a positive from the Topmast scheme.
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