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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. The Top Toy for Christmas this year is a Talking Muslim Doll, Nobody knows what it says cos they are too fcuking scared to pull the cord.
  2. Maybe the toy should be sold as a kit complete with Israeli soldier ready to slot him.
  3. Plus, like the real thing, no one gives a shit about their Allah Huakhbah bullshit.
    Pull the cord, PULL IT !!!!! :lol:
  4. Apparently, the first words it utters when you pull the cord is.....

    I like in England now where are my benefits, where are my benefits you infidel :)

    Each doll comes complete with: Explosive belt, AK-47, and RPG-7, plus your choice of outfits: Taliban, Al-Quaida, Hezbollah, or common insurgent!

    Have hours of fun with your friends! Declare a Jihad against Barbie and Ken! (infidel pigs that they are!)

    Act now and you get a FREE talking Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doll. He needs no pull cord, BECAUSE HE NEVER SHUTS UP!!!
    (requires one lithium-ion battery, not included)

    offer limited to US/UK/Isreali residents only. taxes and shipping may apply.
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Gooo on.... PULL IT, just out of curiousity!
  7. Nice one Andy, if only i were a yank it would be top of my christmas wish list.
  8. Hehehehehe Hes soooooo cool!
  9. blew my mind
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    While in the States, the doll comes complete with yellow taxi and speaks two phrases "Get out, you can't bring alcohol in my cab" and "I like in America, the Constitution supports me in bringing down the infidels".
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Just in case you think all Church goers have had a sense of humour bypass, try looking here. A Christian web-site that, shock horror, laughs at the church.

    And for Steve, here's a recent entry in their caption competition that proves not all of them are homo-phobic :)
  12. Ship of Fools... I've heard of them but not seriously looked at them. Much more fun then that Ekklesia (which I participate in). Thanks Flag Wagger.

  13. Very funny stuff. :D

    Am a little concerned that certain people knew exactly where to find blow up sheep sex dolls though. :roll:

  14. Don't forget SF that a Naval Medic needs to help his customers/patients get better. Anything that aids this process is legit. I'm sure Andy had lots of requests put in for inflatable sheep from sheepish matelots lying in their sickbay cots, when they weren't reading their copy of Mayfair or Playboy hidden under the matress! Also, those of you who hadn't been to the unmentionable place didn't get issued with regulation teddy bears to cry to sleep into - so you had nothing else to cuddle up to.
  15. Most of the medics I have met have been the biggest pervs/deviants going...lets face it they have the matelot spirit and the anatomical knowledge to go with it...and thats go to be dangerous!!!

    As an Medic explained on a first aid course sticking a kingsize mars bar up a diabetics arse does not constitute an appropriate method of getting sugar into them...sorry but that is a trifle worrying...!!!!

    He has obviously knows someone whose tried it..or considered it himself..!!
  16. Don't think I'll ever eat a mars bar again ... or turn my back to a medic for that matter!! :?


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