Top Tips.


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Footnote to the above:

For childrens' wallpaper, Rowntrees Jellies (any flavour) will make your kids want to decorate their own rooms because they know there's a tasty treat in store for them!
The Conker Season is upon us yet again!

Top Tip to guarantee Championship Status for your children, and/or children's children!

Simply drill, string-up & cunningly disguise your discarded avocado stones as horse chestnuts then let 'the younkers loose in a playground of their choice.

HSAW advice includes protection from all foreseen risks and a certain fleetness of foot, being 'specially aware of irate parents much larger than yourself.


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Are you being "harassed?". Are you feeling uncomfortable?
Is your MP/Movie mogul/Line Manager being a little too
familiar? May I suggest this simple solution?

Message received and understood.


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Like ice cream?

Like cider?

Like Strongbow Black Berry Fruits cider?

You'll love this!

Created in Falkirk. Scotland. If ever we needed proof of our unhealthy relationship with alcohol, here it is in all its commercial glory. Only thing missing there was the Bucky flavour. Does it come with optional chocolate chip-on-the-shoulder?

Question though - do booze flavoured products qualify under the Licensing Act? Or would this be treated like liqueur chocolates?


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Yes it did make me laugh that it was a Scottish thing! They also do a WKD variety! I'd love them to do a Bucky or Lanny one, just for a wheeze!

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