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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by hodge, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Has anybody got any advice or past experiences of undertaking Work Experience with the RN?

    Also.. whats the best way to apply for it? The route i'd probably take is to either get me ol' man to sort something out or go throught my Sea Cadet Unit.. And if all else fails go thought the Careers Office at school.. Oh Joy :threaten:

    Answers on a postcard please :)
  2. Works experience through the proper chains is quiet hard to come by. I have managed on a few occassions to get it set up. If you have contacts who can do it for you try them. Otherwise contact your careers office.

    Something you should know is that we would only look after you during the working day. Therefore you need to have a relative near by to drop you off at 8ish and pick you up at 4ish. The last girl I got into Sultan had her father stay in a guest house and collect/drop-off daily for the week.

    Hope this helps


  3. Thanks SM :)
  4. In my past, naval life ended in 92.

    There was a work experience program at 819 - Prestwick. But that ended in disaster. Navy got sued I believe.

    In a nut shell, young lad observing a wheel being serviced. The wheel was split still having pressure in the tyre and the work experience lad was badly injured.

    It certainly put an end to the program at Gannet. (Chockhead819 may remember better than I.)

    But if you don't ask you don't get. And it is the best way to see the Navy at work.
  5. Hodge,
    I was lucky enough to get work experience at HMS Sultan in the Marine Engineering Department. It was brilliant, and my first real experience of Engineering in the navy (i'm now in my final year at uni on DTUS) and cemented in my mind that i wanted to join up as an Engineer Officer.

    As mario said you do need someone living nearby who can pick you up/ drop you off etc, i was lucky enough to have my friends brother who was based at Sultan at the time.

    I arranged it all through my local forces carrer office, but i bet if you know some people who can do it for you then thats easier. I was on attachment at Yeovilton RNAS this summer and we had someone with us who was on work experience arranged through his uncle.

    Hope any of this helps


    P.S What sort of specialisation are you looking at?
  6. Hodge
    Is you old man a rotund WO1 of northern descent?
  7. I managed to get a weeks work experience at HMS Collingwood a few years ago.
    I found that the best way of organising it was just write to the local careers office.
  8. Just completed mine, went to the careers office and 22 years later they told me "Your work experience is up, fancy joining us for a 10 stretch"

    I declined the polite offer!
  9. Same as you mate, looking into being a MEO. I'm living in Guzz at the moment so access to Drake or HMS Raleigh is easy if thats where i need to go. I'm going to speak to the kind people of the AFCO in town at the weekend and see if it's easier to arrange it through them. But if that fails, i'll see if i can get my dad to sort something out.

    Indeed Clankey, WO1 from t' Black Country!
  10. I was on the mighty Ocean with him. Say hi for me :thumright:
  11. Will Do Clankey - PM Inbound :)

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