Top Tips For Cooling Down In The Heat

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by soleil, Jun 27, 2010.

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  1. Top Tips, please?
  2. Get naked :D
  3. As Guz says :D
  4. And sit in the fridge
  5. I'm getting the most unsettling feeling that you two (Guzzler and Tommo)
    already have ..........

  6. A hot cup of tea apparently. :dontknow:
  7. Sol, this works:

    The hottest bath or shower you can possibly stand for 5 minutes, then a strong coffee. The temperature difference and the improved circulation provides relief. Miss out the coffee and it's ideal just before bed.

    I was super hot this evening so I spent 30 minutes in a steam-room. Feeling much better now.
  8. Top Tip, Jonno! Thank you.

    Will do it w/o coffee tonight but will try the shower/coffee combo tomorrow.
  9. Sol, try washing and drying your hair with the hair dryer, closing all the doors and windows. I tried that one the other night before going out, it worked for me. :D
  10. Also a Top Tip, Tuts! Thank you. Will try that.
  11. Any time Sol. :wink:
  12. Uh-hu... :jerk: :lol:
  13. Instantly cools
    CFC free and non-toxic
    Safe to use on the skin
    Does not discolour fabrics
    Dematologically tested and hypo-allergenic

    Sounds a hell of a lot like water to me...
  14. You could always get a Plate Layer to fan you down with a non-slip mat :idea: :lol:
  15. Hot soup and blankets, works every time
  16. A cheapo hair dampener bottle, fill with water and voila- nice and cooling! They are ideal as they only have little tiny nozzles so give a mist of cooling water as appose to soaking you. However, you may not look like the coolest person ever (though you will be feeling it!) The Boots spray is ok, but the pushy-down bits tend to break alot, and might be worth going for the sensitive one. Doubt we will have to worry about it knowing the good old British weather.
  17. Press that little button in the car, the one with the snowflake thingy on it, and CLOSE the windows.
    Keeping the windows open ups the fuel consumption by about 20% at least, the aircon around 5%, do the arithmetic.
    Or, buy a convertible and keep the top down and put the aircon up full blast - Ok so it's not Green, and not sensible, but it is very lush :eek:
  18. Wrap yourself in bandages from head-to-toe, dowse yourself in vodka, then stand in front of a fan.

    Having already provided a sensible option it is my legal right to crayon now.

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