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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by higthepig, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. For all Newbies.

    Now pay attention, if you wish to join the Royal Navy, male or Female, you are to be commended. But FFS show a little common dog.

    What iron to take, what swimming costume to wear, what sort of luggage to take with you, whether you have a squint or not, Pre joining fitness tests, what does my trade actually do, do i have to have a haircut, will i be embarrassed in the showers. Does the Submarine go under water, will i ever get to see my Mummy again.

    Ask all of these questions and others that may cross your mind, when you go to the RECRUITING OFFICE (AFCO?). If they cannot answer your questions, then ask yourself this, do you really want to be a part of a Royal Navy where the people recruiting you do not have the answers?

    Then fukc off and join the Army or Air Force, this is an UNOFFICIAL SITE, and don`t come the old shit, but they couldn`t tell me.

    Start thinking for yourselves, then you may go a long way, altho` a lot of people can only hack four years.

    Don`t ask on here, ask your Recruiting Office, Do you understand that simple statement?

    And now let the games begin. :w00t:

  2. ...what's a Newbie Hig???? :w00t:
  3. Fukc knows but there are 8 threads on here to-night about them.
  4. Hig, i have several pairs of pants with comic book characters on them, batman, superman, spiderman etc. Should i bring these to Raleigh?
  5. ********* are expected, glad to see you haven`t let the side down.

  6. :thumright: :sign5: :sign5: :sign5: :sign5:

    Thank you for that. I needed a good belly laugh after the week I have just had.

    What everyone wanted to say but never bothered - superb!!

    Now what comb to take - sorry - no hair don't need one.
  7. higthepig =Tip Top Fleet Hand They cant really ask the recruiting office as EDS mob have have lost all the data.....
  8. Legend.
  9. Hig
    You're talking to a generation who have been spoon fed with everything they need (that's the impression, before any write in). Getting off of one's backside and finding out is so passe, last year etc. I agree with the sentiment but can almost guarantee the silly Qs will keep rolling. Can I suggest you avoid the Newbies forum and any front page top 20 from said area?
  10. Dear Higgy, if you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined, yes today's new recruits may seem a bit bone to you, but just think how you look top them, a Victor Meldrew perhaps.

    Higgy lighten up does it matter that much, they will get sorted out when they get into the mob one way or another.
  11. If you have such a massive problem, why do you even come here?
  12. Dear Mr Hig

    My hobby is cycling and it is my usual means of transport. My bike, though, is a Claud Butler; will it be allowed in Raleigh please?

    Yours truly,

    Wayne Ingintrest.
  13. It is not Higgy who is or has the problem!
  14. Someone please tell me what part of the first post is wrong? Why do you disagree with it? Are you really trying to tell me that to-days young men are brighter than we were? If that was the case then surely they would ask the Recruiting Office. And the argument that we did not have computers then, does not add up.

    What part of UNOFFICAL site do you not understand?

    There are plenty of OFFICIAL sites, but they wont ask their bone questions on there will they.

    End of.
  15. Which are the official sites on which they can ask their questions?
  16. FFS, are you not able to look for them, Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, give me a fukcing break.
  17. As the site is "unofficial" and shouldn't be used in any way by candidates hoping to join the RN, does this mean that the RN Careers Advisors who contribute to the forum should be discouraged from doing so?
  18. Soleil why don't you take it to PM, as you so like doing otherwise.

    As this site is "Unofficial" and "Public", if HTP is bloody threaders with all the inane questions, not forgetting so-called "answers" from people that have been in the mob for two effing months, IF AT ALL, then that is his absolute right.
    So is slinging sh1t at them, as we in the Andrew have a tendency to do!!
    As the saying goes, if you can't take a joke......
  19. Phew! What a list of conditions.
    Missing mummy Are those pussers jerseys rough? You don't wear them any more?
    Are the Chief GI's beastly? You don't have them anymore?
    So they are no longer brutish and otherwise nasty?
    I think I'll join. Sounds a cushy number to me.
  20. Hig
    I think you'll find we don't disagree, it's a fact of RR life that this will happen. As an unofficial site that hosts a plethora of discussion on such a massive variety of subjects, I would have thought this could be a good place to ask bone Qs.
    Yes, many have been asked before.
    No, they don't use the search function.
    More intelligent than us? Probably not.
    Less? Equally not.
    We have the benefit of hindsight and experience.
    Experience is that important thing you get just after you need it.

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