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Top secret submariners to be recognised


Lantern Swinger
Top secret submariners to be recognised

Former submariners will be recognised by the government and provided with extra health benefits.

Through the later years of the Cold War, Australian Oberon class submarines conducted top secret missions, lurking off Russian ports such as Vladivostok and observing shipping movements.¶

Few details of these operations have ever been revealed.¶

But now the government is recognising the contribution of some 890 former submariners in these missions and treating it as qualifying service - essentially service in a theatre of war - making them eligible for significant benefits such as the veterans gold health care card.¶

Veterans Affairs Minister Alan Griffin said this would cost $11.1 million over four years and went beyond the Clarke review of veteran entitlements, which recommended that their service be treated as non-warlike hazardous.

The government has also moved to treat service of RAAF personnel at Ubon, Thailand in June and July 1962 as qualifying service, extending their eligibility for veteran benefits.¶

While the government is expanding veteran categories, overall veteran numbers are dwindling with the passing of the World War Two generation.¶

"Sadly over the last year Department of Veterans Affairs client numbers have fallen from 415,000 to approximately 380,000, Mr Griffin said.
Polycell said:
So what about our submariners doing sneaky trips back in the 60s and 70s ?

My point precisely (don't forget the 80's) and I haven't forgotton the dolphins Ninja but bomber queens wear them as well dontcha know :wink:

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