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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chinamatelot, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. caught my grandad sitting outside with nothing on below the waist.
    what are you doing grandad? i said
    it was your nans idea came his reply.
    the last time i sat in a draft i got a stiff neck
  2. Being a virile southerner where sex godlike powers are the norm, I am not surprised by this, and when it comes from such a reliable and respected source.........
  3. Bump!

    I'm a Yorkshireman and I'm not letting this critical piece of information slip by. It's what we have on the other side of the Pennines knew forever but couldn't get any kind of absolute official report. Now the NOTW have cum (!) to our rescue, we Yorkies can bathe in the knowledge that Scousers and the House of Lancaster fail in the most important things in life.

  4. So glad the Mackens get a wee mention , always knew they were flops at everything , came in at number 10 , never mind Boys ,
  5. Being a Babe Magnet, I couldn`t possibly comment. :w00t:
  6. Chinamatelot and the NOTW seem not to fully understand that the term 'Scouser' is not the correct blanket desciptive noun for those from Knowsley, St. Helens, Wigan etc.

    A Scouser is a native of the city of Liverpool; the ones in the areas you refer to are called simply 'sheepshaggers' which probably explains their libido problems. The latter are a breed of sorry buggers who spend from the cradle to the grave freeloading on benefits from the state and the NHS. They should not be receiving half buckets of buckshee Viagra at all IMHO but should be issued with lolly ice sticks for splints instead.

    Speaking only for this Scouser I can happily report that the doses of bromide didn't work back in the Andrew, and thirty years later they still haven't kicked in. Still got a few shots left in the locker.

    Bottom Gun

    Remember that Bromide they put in our tea
    to keep us from thinking about lasses
    To keep us from thinking our wild sinful thoughts
    from hairs on our palms, wearing glasses
    Well now I've got news for their Lordships
    their venture was not a success
    There wasn't a morning I didn't wake
    just raring to go, I confess
    With others around me bemoaning their fate
    limp organs, a motley selection
    There stood young 'Scouse' in arrogant pride
    displaying a healthy erection
    So it has gone since those grey funnel years
    I've never begged any girls pardon
    For failing to rise to the matter in hand
    I've always come up with a hard on
    But now Anno Domini's taking its toll
    from coitus I seem to be shrinking
    Oh! must I be doomed to a celibate life
    is that Bromide finally working?

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