Top Job - Any takers ?


Book Reviewer
Aimed at the ladies I think,

Wanna - Currently munching on a black pudding,
Carollanne - Too short,
T aka legallyshort - On a salad diet,
Welshy - Employed by a rival channel,

Not going to be many takers. :wink:
WreckerL said:
RJ, XRD and MLP spring to mind. Maybe a partnership with Taloolah and XRD?
I vote Taloolah and XRD..

Cue bickering with increasing ferocity and the 2 second silence before they inevitably end up rolling around on the floor in an orgy of passion :thumbleft:
I see the company who put the advert in are called Revolver Models.

Obviously looking for a certain calibre of employee :lol:

I thought XRD and Tahoolah were married?

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