top gear

did anybody else p*ss themselves as much as i did watching Top Gear last night. most peolpe think that TG is purely a boys-toys programme. i however think that we could use last night episode as a guide to the yanks insecurity and how goddamn shite they are when faced with anything outside thier small world.

PS the cow on the roof has got to f**k off the veggie freaks,
PPS hammonds car will p**s off the jobbie-jabbers

a job well done


War Hero
outstanding......a boys own adventure all by itself:)
"arm gonna call the boys over y'hear" and she did!!!!
good effort all round!


War Hero
Garage salesman (Robert the Persian) shows rifle to Clarkson, Clarkson asks "so why do you have a telescopic sight on this rifle if it's for protection" or words to that effect

Robert the Persian replies "so that when they are really far away you can still shoot them, you know, like John Wayne"

CLASSIC- only in America!


Lantern Swinger
i laughed me socks off. i did giggle when he pulled in to the gas station with "man loves rules ok" and nearly lost their lives what a laugh that tripped looked like, and another good bit was when they kept bumping into his car i am suprized they were not arrested

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