Top Gear/RM Assault.

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Grim_Reaper, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Just watched Top Gear.
    Probably the best advert for the Royal Marines ever.
    Great stuff.
    Congrats to Jeremy Clarkson.
  2. Probably the best advert for the Fiesta ever.
  3. Just watched it, Outstanding..!!!

    But then thats TG!!
  4. And the comment from the booty in the back seat during the beach landing. "Are we there yet?" Ace. :dwarf:
  5. Funny as fcuk when he fired his weopon sat next to clarkson and had smoke grenades in the cup
  6. Quite a deep fording depth that Ford Fiesta!
  7. I could see as soon as the ramp went down that it was going to be deep. Must be all those bloody times when i've gone up to my waist and remained piss wet through
  8. Great stuff, although I can't believe a Royal was cold just before an exercise!
  9. Yeah, but at least Jezza turned the heat up for him.
    Pity him back in the mess though!
  10. Havent you heard the expression "turn the heat up drives"???
  11. On another tack, I have just sent my congratulations to the Top Gear Show website.
  12. Reminds me of a time landing a Scimitar CVR(T) and the driver forgot to do up his drain plug, lol.
  13. No forward assist when cocking his weapon though. Slack drills Royal.
  14. Err, the A2 PAAM has no forward assist. Get with the times mate!
  15. Bugger me and Blobbs will have to wait 'til 2010, probably. Have to check oot youTube, too.
  16. Will look forward to that episode sometime in the next few years!

    btw the Aussie version of Top Gear erm well um.......
  17. RABbbbyerfeckinlilbewtyyer...aputerborrleo'buckieisonthewayyerbasta :thumright:
    Cheers Opps
  18. Rabcyernoabadladeftera'tafurthulink :thanks:

    Top Stuff from Top Gear :thumright:

    How about the time the Stig went off Invincible :w00t:
  19. believe it is still in infantry training volume pamplhet 5. The bible of all things sa80ish :rendeer:

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