Top Gear. Cnuttastic!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Alfacharlie, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Just starting another thread as would like to know the general feeling for these three retards who waste air time on the tele?

    I personally hate the cnuts. Wow, 'were just crazy lads messing around in fast cars'. Who fcuking cares? If I want a car, I'll look in Autotrader etc. Don't wanna see these tranny lookalikes on the T.V.
  2. I think there is an overwhelming barrage of shite TV around that is written by women, for women.

    Top Gear is man TV. Apart from Question Time it's about the only thing I watch.
  3. Clarkson: Pube headed ignoramus with an annoying voice.

    Hammond: Irritating little weasel, how I laughed when he was the most shiters man onboard and shinned himself on a ladder whilst visitng us afloat.

    May: He's alright, his beer programme with Oz Clarke was good and doesn't score stroker points like the other two.

    That said, I didn't half do a double take when Clarkson passed me manning a 50. cal in the back of a wmik in Afghanistan.
  4. Question Time is good. But I think I am the one who actually hates TG. Oh well, I'll stick to animal porn on Sunday night then.
  5. Go on, admit you're envious ... oodles of dosh, fast cars, lots of tasty young dollies ( or lads if you wish ;) ) in the audience..... and any fantastic car you ever wanted to drive being paid for by your employer.

  6. Hammond is so smug, needs a slap.
  7. Plus, when they interview people the producers thrust divs women to the front of the audience so they get into camera shot.
  8. Still rather rip their eyes out and skull fcuk them.

    And the girls in the audience.

    And fcuking Stig or whatever this fcukers calling himself.
  9. I am the Stig
  10. I'm gonna skull fcuk you then.
  11. Let's not forget that all three of them support the military in loads of ways, both on the telly and in person. TG is just good fun telly beats the soaps and the depressing reality TV shite


  12. As I've already said, happy days for them to be supporting the forces. I still think they're wnkers in general
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Alright Ben?

    To be honest, i can see where AC is coming from in a way. Personally, i quite like Top Gear, but Clarkson does get on my wick. Hammond a wee bit as well. I have nothing against May though. The only thing that Clarkson does that is any good is that he is a strong supporter of the military.
  14. Same format week after week, Clarkson drives a 6 Lt sports, first part of 'Let's do summat wacky', car news, star in car, second bit of LDSW, Stig, cool wall, last part of LDSW. :roll:
  15. Cheers BR, glad someone else can see my point. Annoying fcukers but BZ for support for forces. Not seen that James May do anything else, so only going from Top Gear with him. But Hammond's Morrisons ad?? Wnker.
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    James May did a programme with Oz Clarke (who i think is a prize wanker by the way) where they went around the country on the piss, which was quite good. He also did (or does) a progamme on gadgets or something, but i haven't seen this.

    It's quite simple:

    Clarkson - Fucking gobshite who always thinks he's right. Very annoying.

    Hammond - Thinks he's a ladies man. Dwarf. Morrisons ad (cheers AC!)

    May - Gets shite from the other two but comes across well.
  17. Sorry guys, but Hammond is hot. I'd give him my months wages!..
  18. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Are you a gayer or a girlie?
  19. Nither, I'm a woman!
  20. How do you like that little troll? He's fcuking rats! Not like me anyway, I'm divs!!

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