Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. I can't help thinking though, that if the Archbishop of Canterbury and the rest of the heirarchy of the Church of England had spent their time nurturing and tending the spiritual heart of England instead of politicising their demesne and falling over themselves to patronise other religions, then people's lives would not be so empty that they must be filled with the transient glories of material possession - particularly at this time of year when the celebration of the birth of Christ is suborned by an orgy of frenzied fiscal irresponsibility and bacchanalian excess... IMO only, of course :)
  2. In part, I agree with him... the british economy does seem to have moved too far away from manufacturing etc. into reliance on financial services. On the other hand, I'm not sure why the Archbishop of Canterbury saying this is any more valid than anyone else... unless being the nation's leading expert on a 2000-year-old dead Jew also gives you a great insight into economic theory?
  3. So scurze tell us something we don't already know and the time is long overdue for that un-elected ecumenical sect with bizarre hats to be permanently ejected from the second chamber
  4. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but... I agree with you, finknottle!
  5. This is without doubt the most offensive post i've had to read on here, 2000-year-old dead jew!!!! what an awful thing to write. you need to learn some manners you drip
  6. Was it not our Tony who decided the way forward is the financial services! That and make the farmers caretakers of their land and grow nowt!!!

    Unless being the nation's leading expert on a 2000-year-old dead Jew

    The dead Jew has you call him has been the hope and inspiration for many poor unfortunate people and bringing people together to help one another.

    So endeth the sermon for today.
  7. Yes the Pope really pushed the boat out to help those in desperate need during WW11.
  8. Don't always see eye to eye with you hooped one, but I agree. Uncalled for and offensive.
  9. I apologise if you find that phrase offensive, but I believe it is factually accurate (The figure that Rowan Williams derives his authority from was, if he existed, born two-thousand odd years ago, was Jewish, and is now dead). You are also quite correct to point out that belief in him has brought people together to help one another; the Crusades, the Inquisition, centuries of anti-semitism... none of this could have happened without people working together.

    Way to go.
  10. '...factually accurate...'? Maybe, but clearly meant to offend.

    Would you similarly define Churchill (for example) as a 130 year-old dead Christian?

    '...if he existed...'?

    Do you also question the existence of, say, Julius Caesar? Boudica? Alexander?
  11. I admit, probably not... although it would depend on the context. On the other hand, I wouldn't consider it to be "the most offensive post I've read on here" (werqpr's words, not yours, I know) if someone else referred to him in such a fashion.

    Of course I do. As we can never know with certainty the truth of any historical event, we must be willing to accept the idea that what we currently "know" as historical fact may be wrong. That being said,we have more evidence for the existence of, say, Julius Caesar than we do for the existence of Jesus Christ.

    All of which is not to say that I disbelieve in the existence of a Jewish teacher named Jesus in first-century Judaea. I merely think that (a) there is no reason to accept his claims of divinity, and (b) there is no reason to accept unconditionally his moral beliefs and teachings.
  12. He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy - now pi55 off!
  13. Think we're on the same lines then TheRowan. Although I would be surprised if his existence were a myth, I too have severe reservations (to put it lightly) about his divinity etc. and nor do I fully accept or follow his alledged teachings.
  14. Bloody hell Fink - I'm in the same boat as TheRowan on this - couldn't agree with you more shippers!
  15. why doesn't he trim his eyebrows????

    I trim mine

  16. He's done the media course - with a boat race like his and stunningly bohemian eyebrows to match he is guaranteed a pic every time some Fleet Street (or elsewhere) hack does a dit on him.
  17. The existence of an itenerant, mystical rabbi around that time period and area isn't in doubt, there were hundreds of them. The morality tales and allegorical teachings associated with hi early life have many parallels with similar socio-political systems.

    In one way I would dispute the initial pont, he died in the order of 2000 years ago and the mythos suggests he was 33 years old at the time.

    Still, to return to the topic. Williams is clearly entitled to his views, we might even agree with some of them. I do think that as leader of a large socio-political construct in the UK that he is in a position to air the views of that system, but that's about it. Notwithstanding that much of our political, legal and commercial system is based on Christian thinking his views should have no more weight than anyone elses.

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