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Discussion in 'The Internet - Best and Worst' started by Good_CO, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. I'll start this new trial forum off with a top 5 from me of internet tools and sites. There is a lot out there that can save time / money and stress on PCs and I'll be interested to see what other people recomment.

    No 1. Roboform - - A very secure tool for remembering all your passwords and filling them in automatically, as well as automatically filling in your address, credit card details etc if you wish. Various other bits and pieces. Also can be all be taken with you on a memory stick. I really cannot imagine using the internet without this now.

    No 2. Bopspam - A lifesaver for ARRSE / RR / RP. Outstanding spam protection - way more accurate than yahoo etc., with a range of tools to beat spam. . Probably not necessary for personal use, but for small businesses superb and massively cheaper than paying our hosts to do it.

    No 3. Wikipedia. . The answer to everything.

    No 4. Skype. . The good people at skype save me a fortune and have contributed enormously to RR as Bad CO and I are in different countries.

    No 5. Google Earth. For anyone who hasn't downloaded / used this yet, DO. It's free, simple to use and one of the most amazing uses of the internet yet.
  2. No5. Microsoft came out with something similar to Google earth, i found it much more detailed in the zoom facility, but lost it when my PC died on me, and have been unable to find it again, so if any out there know the address, please let me know.

  3. be very careful with Wickepedia guys - it contains mistakes and is written by people with an 'interest' which can make it prejudiced at times. Some articles are just rubbish (see the one on the structure of the British Army for starters) and according to Private Eye the one on Rupert Murdoch is written by his staff and irons out some of the worst bits of his personal life.

    I find wicki invaluable to know whether something is animal vegetable or mineral - or vaguely where it is - but always check the facts in a 2nd source and discourage kids from using it.

    Good free online encyclopedia resources can be tracked down from the links pages of University websites. Also try becoming an online subscriber to one of the massive Public Libraries (eg Lancashire) which subscribes to literally hundreds of online reference books. You don't have to live there - you can apply online and get an INSTANT temporary login and your ticket will arrive in less than a week.

    Happy surfun ... happy birthday to the new forum - good one!!!

    edited for really crap spelling!
    :cheers: :party: :cheers: :love: :cheers: :party: :cheers: :love: :cheers:
  4. I just glanced through and didn't see anything glaring. Where are the errors? Also the idea is that you fix it if you find a mistake, not complain :)
  5. Going back to the original question, I find Multimap is very useful, also Limewire
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  6. Have you tried:
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  7. Cheers geoffg, thats the one
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator is fairly good....
  9. My god it took 8 posts and 5 hours before someone posted a porn link. Thanks - I had no idea there was this sort of thing on the internet!
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    my pleasure, well, yours now....enjoy.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Talking of Google Earth, excellent as it is, whenever I go on it, after about 10 minutes, my laptop goes blank, then says "Fatal error, commencing Memory Dump".

    I'm presuming this is because it doesn't have the capacity to deal with the data?

    Sorry GCO I know it's off thread, but any clues anyone?

    Download stuff free for your mobile phone / palm os
  13. Google Earth is superb. Also check the new flight simulator that has been installed on the latest version!!

    For anyone serious about fitness, look at Map my Run.
  14. the naughty site supplied will be looked into - for research you understand, and of course i shall research it thoughly in case I get asked questions later - I can explain to my lovely wife why later.... if she still likes me!

    Of course i wouldnt dare to leave the post without leaving a 'normal' site! for a good clock and more.....look into

    click now at the top and see what happens!
  15. Quality in wikipedia varies, for technical and scientific subjects the content is reasonably accurate although the writing style is patchy, I find a lot of the language to be quite dumbed down, probably reflecting the demographic of editors; heavily americanised teens and young adult.

    It's a useful pointer to other things, and it's worth looking at the discussion page and the edit history to see how stable the article is and whether there is any major disagreement on content.

    fwiw I don't see anything substantive wrong the with Structure of the British Army article in terms of content, but the structure and context could be improved.
  16. youtube is starting to piss me off, there are people like taking all the family guy etc ones off for "copywrite" FFS
  17. try youp**
    insert your own letters but ithink you know what they are
  18. Anybody looking for Oldships should try ""
    There's 35000 photos of just about every type of ship both Merchant and Naval of most countries
  19. If you are a "Nutty Fiend" (The Chocolate type stuff) - like me,
    then check this site out and *BIG UP* your Mars Bars, Wagon Wheels,
    Walnut Whips etc.
    Happiness is a full tummy, and a very spotty face. :w00t:

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