Top 10 Low Flybys of all time

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Not the actual flight but same series of DC10..
    The company I worked for did a similar low pass, but with a very slight difference, it was at the Biggin Hill Airshow and had, and this is the difference, 380 punters and 14 crew onboard, short diversion from a regular flight to Orlando.
    You wouldn't get away with that these days 8O
  2. At 0:40 seconds HERE

    And yes, it is my video. :wink:
  3. The twat who has just nearly took my roof off!
  4. Bang on that was :twisted:
  5. Shiny Toy Guns... You've gone up in my estimation MLP.
  6. How is that possible? I am a deity.
  7. Scouse's link: No 3. What a prat!! Not thepilot but the bloke standing on the runway. He's lucky it wasn't me or he'd have no head now, what with the beer 'shakes' an' all (plus he's a Johnny foreigner, so we'd have to decapitate him anyway).

    MLP's link: :( Makes me wonder why I left sometimes (when I say 'left', I mean wasn't more careful that I didn't get found out). Only worry would have been having 801's junior pilot as the Boss :) Yes, yes, I know Ade (sorry, Cdr Orchard) is a top bloke..............for a Brummy.
  8. MMMmmmm, Sharkey + hero. In his mind and his 'How I won the Falkland's war by myself' book; maybe, but not really in mine :) Anyway, didn't you know all heroes are American because it is ONLY they who save the World on a daily basis. I heard it all on CNN, so it must be true.

    And I keep telling you, 1 seat good, 2 seats bad. All these photographs of aerial machines with a chap in the back to tell you where you've just been are just not on.
  9. :roll: :roll: We have just been on the CAT !!!! said FL/LT Scrivens to LT/CDR Eagles SIR!!
  10. Good old Johnny Eagles.
  11. One of the lowest has to be Lt Copus ' fly by of one her Maj's frigates with a Wasp.

    He managed to get a wheel in the water and he and Smiler Grinny, (The crewie), cartwheeled past the frigate to the applause of the watching families.
  12. Sorry, Scouse, but the incident in the photo is not of Scrivens/Eagles. It's a Mk1 Bucc, off Eagle, during DLP's (not off the cat).
  13. Yes your quiet correct, as me and Fred where on deck at the time, on HMS Victorious 66/67 of Subic Bay when it happened :oops: :oops:
    That Photo must be ????20/11/1965 XN958 E-111 Buccaneer S1 800 NAS Bolted following a high approach to HMS Eagle while operating off Singapore. On leaving the deck it yawed to port and lost height. Both crew ejected at 20ft and were rescued. The yaw was possibly induced by a binding brake when the aircraft touched the deck L/T Gleadow and L/T King
  14. Not as good as Lt Chase & Martley (2 yank exchange aircrew) who did a controlled ejection alongside Eagle in 66. I joined the ship shortly afterwards but managed to get a set of photos from the Phot boys.
    Seems it was great and the aircraft flew all by itself, the aircrew were back on board and the bucc was still airborne.
    Seems it then decided to dive into the same bit of oggin that Eagle was occupying. Resuls it seems was a flight deck cleared of goofers in record time :p
  15. And his Brummyness is directly proportional to alcohol consumption!
  16. That's the one, Scouse. Not a brake problem or a bolter, but the all-too-frequent problem of one of the Gyron Junior engines not spooling up when asked to following a DLP (roller landing with the hook up). This was while re-embarking from a few weeks ashore at Changi.

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