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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jamie3500, May 16, 2013.

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  1. So after a load of Ar$eing around, I decided to accept the Marine Engineering osition offered to me over the one I wanted (Comms Tech.) Mostly because It would take too long to go get my needed maths qualification then wait for an entry date.
    I'm sure theres info somewhere on the forum already, but could any of you guys tell me a bit about the specifics of the job? Are there certain specializations one can choose?

    Thanks folks!
  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Search "ETME", there have been a few threads recently.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  4. Be very careful accepting a role you have been offered that you don't really want.

    It can very easily lead to disenchantment.

    There is a huge difference between Marine Engineering and CT. A gulf of a difference infact. That's not to say that either branch is better than the other as such.

    Out of interest, there aren't many ex-stoker CT's. I've met none. We've got plenty of WE's, Jack Dusty's, RO's and Gollies, though.

    If you're into engineering and mechanics then go for it. If you REALLY wanted to be a CT, then stick with it.

    Just my 2 dib-dobs worth.
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  5. What he said. I'm an old and Bold who made a very bad branch choice and the bastards would not let me recat.I'm rapidly nearing my 74th birthday and still have a redwood tree on each shoulder about it. Go for what you really want.
  6. Is it maths gcse you need?
  7. Thanks guys, I thought there would be plenty of info around.
    Yeah, its just the GCSE level maths. (standard grade here in Scotland.) I could have this achieved by early next year but then I'd need to go though the whole process again and wait for a start date. I understand ME would be much shorter wait as they are actively recruiting, over CT which my AFCO says they wont know start dates until I'm through the process.

    I do have an interest in engineering. Probably heavily outweighed by the CT position though. I'd be more inclined to go for CT if I knew beforehand when my start date was...

  8. My advice is to wait out. I joined the Army because i couldn't be arsed with the Navy's waiting list, and qualified for nearly every non officer role in the army that 17 year olds can do, but I fucked off the trade I wanted because the wait was too long and jumped into the infantry because it was quickest way in, I was too impatient to even wait for the guards regiment that I wanted and just took the earliest slot with a cap badge that was recruiting.

    Now im back at square one and if id waited id probably be in the Navy by now. Still at least your joining the service you set out to which is better than what I managed :p

    Not really sure the point of my rambling but oh well, just make sure that engineering is what you really want to do instead of going '**** it you'll do' aha. Engineering looks the dogs bollocks though :D
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  9. I would redo the maths and go CT personally, better to wait it out and forge the career you actually want rather than bulldoze into one just as its a bit quicker. I am in the wait process at the moment so i understand the temptation to choose something just as it will get you to raleigh quicker, but waiting longer is better than being in and wishing you had gone CT! From what i have experienced in the process times are up and down anyway and things can change quickly so can't even rely on the current times to be the same.
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  10. The only similarity with the 2 jobs is that you'll get to wear ear muffs for both!In my time in the CT branch I only know/have known a handful of ME's (various types) to go CT, the most notable being this chap BBC News | UK | Anthrax officer jailed for a year me a PM if you want to chat/have any queries about the CT branch, you're making a huge decision, and as ElQuesoGrande says the jobs are oceans apart!
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  11. Jamie, it is your life and your choice.

    I went for CT many, many moons ago (at Leydene with the 'Ayatollah' as CO, in the portacabins!) For various reasons I came off the course and my life went in different directions. I ended up on boats and sometimes workd with CTs that had been in my intake. They all grumbled about the workload etc, but then Jack wil grumble about anything!

    Since leaving the RN I have however had contact with 'that world' and worked in the CT shipboard 'office' design. I still heard drips from Jack (and Jenny!).

    I know that the job has changed now (two seperate areas as I understand) and with the advent of new technology etc, time away may not be so much of an issue. So only you ca decide - you'll ceratinly get a load of sea time as a ME.

    Do I regret not finishing the course? Well, overall yes! What I found out during my brief time was hugely interesting. Then I spent long periods on patrol in a boat anyway! But being an ME? Well, it is very hot and noisy back there! Personally, I'd hate it!

    I do hope that Chaz gave you an insight to the duties of a modern CT, better than mine! If you have no real burning mechanical engineering desire, then do not allow yourself to be 'forced' or 'seduced' down this route.

    Remember that for the first few years , no matter what you do, you will be at the bottom of a large pile. Just keep climbing!

    Good luck!
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  12. Jamie

    Well done on doing so well in the RT. CT is the job which requires the highest Rating entry score in the RT, so you have obviously done very well. ET(ME) also requires a highish score - it actually has quite a high part score requirement in the Numeracy section, so it doesn't sound as if your Maths is too bad.

    Both CT and ET(ME) are excellent jobs, but the important thing is that you now opt for the job which is the perfect job for you personally. I can't help feeling that joining in a role to which you aren't 100 per cent drawn will have an impact somewhere down the line.

    What is the situation re your Maths qual? You must have already sat Maths when you did your Standard grades. Did you fall down on the Maths? What have you passed?
  13. Good advice guys. I'm beginning grow concerned about my choice now. I assume even though I've formally accepted the job offer, I can still back out.
    Soleil, Yeah I sat it in standard grade (GCSE's to you lot south of the border.) I achieved a level 3, which WAS the minimum limit until last year at some point, which is rather annoying. Aside from that, I have standard grades in English, business management, computing, physics, chemistry, CDT (design), and German. More thn that though, I now have a degree in Business which I figured would be of use to me in a CT position (a whole load of analysis, reporting etc) but they wont overlook the fact I missed out on my level 2 maths.

  14. Jamie. My advice would be to hold out for CT. I have worked with lots of them as a WE and they generally are very good at what they do. Hopefully you are getting device from others on here who have actually done the job. Stick to your guns and get what you want. Don't let the AFCO force you down a path that you may later regret. Have a chat with them tomorrow if you can and tell them what you want. Show determination and they will respect that. Good luck :)
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I would certainly advocate holding out for a first preference branch if you`ve already scored high enough for CT in the recruiting test. If you just need the GCSE, then although you`ll just need an update interview to change branch of preference - You`ll be significantly higher up the waiting list for CT than those who pass the recruiting test on or after the date you gain the GCSE, although not as high on the list than those who had the qualifications and passed the recruiting test at the same time as you.

    Whilst it`s appreciated it may appear the AFCO is forcing the applicant into a Second preference job, it moist certainly isn't - the candidate asks what is available and "How long?", we tell them the facts for the individual to make an informed choice. It`s not in the interests of the service or the individual to put a square peg in a round hole as the individual simply leaves quicker and costs more to replace. The idea is to give the individual the job they`re most suited to - this thing that buggers it up is the candidate is strongly influenced by the speed at which they can join. It`s understandable, but a waste of everyone`s time, money and effort. The AFCO now more than ever before is trying to put the right people in the right jobs and is held to account if they don`t.
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  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    You're not feeling the lurve today then Ninja?
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Kindle Fire, predictive text, say no more.:neutral:
  18. Jamie

    Check with your CA what would be required of you with regard to the Maths qualification; I gather that Scotland is changing its exam system and withdrawing Standard Grades.

    National Qualifications
  19. I'm sure my CA told me that all necessary qualifications need to be achieved within 5 years of one another. Is this right? As that would mean I'd need to retake GCSE Maths and English.

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