? too old to join

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by boncystar, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Am a 39 year old female. Are there many applicants this age joining the RNR? Wish I had joined years ago.
  2. Hi,

    From the RNR website:


    "Q, Are There Age Limits For Recruits?

    16 years of age to 40 (45 if ex-RN). For those under 16 years old, consider the Sea Cadets, the youth organisation based on the Royal Navy or your school may run a CCF(RN) section. For more information, look at the Sea Cadets website... www.sea-cadets.org"

  3. I got excited then I thought her name was bouncystar as in big bouncy jugs nevermind.
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Great - just great. An interested applicant turns up and is subject to all sorts of sexually lewd comments within seconds. You total fecking retards - how do you expect us to keep recruits flowing in, when the only forum on the internet that deals with the RNR (to my knowledge) seems to think that making sexually lewd comments is a good way to encourage someone to join.

    There is a fine line between banter and utter stupidity, and this thread has crossed it. This is a public forum, potential recruits, media and a lot more senior officers than you might think read it. Try thinking before you post guys, this isn't the mess square, this is a public forum where we get potential recruits.

    Engage brain before typing!
  5. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    No you are not too old to join, do it now or perhaps regret it and think what if...

    You may find that a number of the recruits are a good bit younger than you, I joined 6 months ago and am mixing it up with oppos that are 16/17 whereas I am 29, but meeting people outwith your normal circle is all part of the fun of being in the RNR.

    Call your AFCO today, don't be put off by the lewd banter above. banter is all part of unit life and in unit it is not gender biased and you have the oppertunity to give as good as you get.
  6. Get in quick. At 39 you only have a few months before its too late.

    We currently have one fourty six year old in our NE class, one 41 year old and they will shortly be joined by a 39 year old.

    Do it! I'd always rather regret what i have done than regret what i haven't done!

    Any clue on which unit? PM me if you'd rather.

    edited for spelling like a mong!
  7. Erm and its also the unofficial site for the RN/RM so bollocks.
  8. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Do you guys realise just how desperate we are for manpower at the moment? If we lose people at this point, it can have a huge impact on the long term viability of the reserve as a whole.

    I've heard it whispered that we are rapidly approaching the point that our demographics are such that we cease to be a militarily viable and sustainable force in the very near future. We might be blase about thinking that its really 'funny' to try and make a potential recruit feel she'll be sexually harrassed on joining, but look further than the end of your own keyboards and you'll see that if we lose recruits, we face losing the RNR.

    This isn't the messdeck, this is a public forum - one that is the only one on the internet outside the RN Site about the RNR. People come here to find out about us and what we do. If people want to find out about the TA or RAuxAF, then ARRSE and E-Goat are generally switched on and realise that the more help they give, the more likely it is people come through the door. Here we just assume that no one is watching and we can say what we want.

    If the RNR dies due to a lack of credible recruits in the next few years, then you have no one to blame but yourselves.
  9. I think P_t's got a good point here.

    Regardless of the fact that this is an unofficial site this person has asked a perfectly reasonable question and surely deserves a decent response free of abuse.

    We get some absolute idiots post, and I am one of the first to take the pi55, but unless someone is one of the said idiots, or posting on Lil's, surely it is a matter of common courtesy not to respond in such a manner?

    Our friends in green manage it fairly well.

    Just a view like.
  10. But surely that means that the whole site is just one big Diamond Lil's?

    I know nothing of the OP, but she has asked a reasonable question on t'internet, a place where people go to glean information and I think it a bit strong to give her (albeit mild) abuse.
  11. Erm, agreed. :eek:ccasion5:
  12. I am looking at the end of my keyboard and all i am seeing is dust and a few stickers. If you can see that at the end of your keyboard, i want the same keyboard as you.
  13. The same site that hasn't had its RNR pages updated since 2003? Why not just get it from the horse's mouth in the RNR section of an RN forum? Maybe she just wants to know if she's going to be laughed out of the recruiting office which you (rightly) suggest she contacts?

    Regardless, I think we can keep gratuitous sexual innuendo towards members of the public out of this... or at least in Lils or the Gash Barge. ;) ARRSE really puts us to shame wrt posting discipline in the right forums - and I have to tell you, a Mod, this?

    The answer to the original question is that 39 is not too old, but it nearly is, so best get cracking.

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