Too old to be a Bootneck?

The dilemma:

Im 29 years old and in fairly good shape from regular running, cycling and weight training.
I was down to join RMR Scotland's Holding Troop for Selection next month, however following a crash on my motorbike recently, Its unlikely I will be fully recovered and then back to a good level of fitness in time for Selection.

The problem is with RMR having only 1 intake a year, I will be almost 31 by the time im on Selection next year.

Is this too old to be a Booty or would my maturity be a good thing on the course?
Age wise you aren't too old mate,
maturity wise you might struggle (honestly) because your peers will all be A LOT younger than you, and most corporals will also be younger.


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You will not have a problem, We had a lad pass out this year who was over 30. Most of the scottish training team are a good bit older than this too ;-)



A few thoughts from someone in the know :)

If you are not fully fit by 29 Sept (Selection Weekend) it is unlikely you will get the opportunity to recover during what by its nature is one of the toughest (physically & mentally) reserve forces training packages in the world.

RMR Scotland are planning to move to two intakes a year very soon (next one likely to be March 07). Ask your Det Sgt Maj about it - this may be a better option.

If you are taking an active part in Holding Troop (and on the books) then age limits will not be an issue.

Good luck.
Cheers for that Guzz.

To be honest Im not part of holding troop yet and whilst my fitness levels are fairly high for a day one recruit, I am still recovering from the crash.

Its been a bit of a strain trying to build on my phys whilst recovering too, especially with the cut off date for selection so near. Knowing there will be another Recruit Troop in March will give me that extra time to sort myself out. The last thing I want is starting the course with an injury, as the chances of passing then are slim.

I will speak to the Det SM and put it to him - if he is okay with it, then I will sort my leg out, build on my fitness and perp myself for the course next year.

Cheers for the advice and info mate



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Last time i spoke to the PSI PTI, he said that it was unlikely we would be having two recruit troops this year, as we were too short on both recruits and also training team, with a lot of them going out on the Herrick deployment.
But of course this may have changed.

Cheers Kiwi

I think I will give HQ a phone - lay it on the line to them and see what they think. March 07 would be ideal for me, but if there isnt a Recruit Troop starting training then, then I have to make a decision on whether to chance going for it now or not.

If it was some bullsh*t 6 weekend TA course I'd walk it even with the injury, but 10 months of RMR training and thats before I run the Commando Course............. I just dont know.

Im in it to pass though, so I wont even contemplate it unless Im sure I can stand up to it.


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I really hope we do have a second course in march as i am sure this would do a lot for recruiting but as with everything nowadays it comes down to money to run the weekends, if there is not enough people it is not cost effective.

As for your injury, starting with an injury would never be good but we all picked them up by the end of the course, so it really isn't something that should stand in your way, depending on severity of course. It is all part of the mental challenge.

there is still almost a month till selection, and you should really try and make that if possible, even if you have to pull out a bit later it is much better to have your foot in the door, quite a lot of people have to be back trooped through injury among other things and go on to pass.

It's up to you

Good Luck

Roger that mate! I will speak to the wife & RMR HQ and just keep hammering away at the phys. Hopefully my leg will be in a decent enough state to stand up to it, ready for Selection at the end of the month.

Your right - a second course would be excellent and generally March is a great time for recruiting. As wrong as it is, I bet more young lads would join knowing that most of the course will be in decent weather as opposed to roughing it through the scottish winter. It all comes down to cash though, as you said.

I will let you know how I get on Kiwi.



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