Too old for officer training?

Hello everyone,

When I applied for the submariners, I knew that I would be too old to apply as an officer. In fact the AFCO told me so! (My 27th birthday is the day after my RT). Knowing this, I filled in the application so I could join up as a rating and when my initial training begins, make them aware that I would like to be considered for officer training.

I got my invite for my RT, in which it states that my application for 'Officer entry' has been accepted! Are they considering me for officer training, without me even asking? This would be great, as apart from my age, I feel that I have the right qualities to become an officer and I won't have to do it the long way round!



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It depends what branch you are joining Warfare & Aircrew is 26, other trades up to 30, some older, depending on the specialisation.
thanks for the info. I suppose I will need to have a good chat with my AFCO in order to find the right branch for myself. Logistics looks like the ideal thing for me, plenty of responsibility.

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