Too old for navy career?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by foster1984, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. I have recently acquired a conviction which will not be spent for 5 years, which will make me 30 before I can join the navy.

    What I wanted was your opinions on whether you all thought that would make me to old to get a good career out of the navy?

    As I realisemost people aremuch younger when they join, I wondered if that would disadvantage me in ay way? e.g harder to work my way up the ranks, etc.

    I would probably stay in thenvy until I retired when I do join, but just wondered if 30 made me over the hill from a "starting navel career" pointo view.
  2. Does that mean you intend to retire when you're 48?
  3. No, I meant I would stay in until they told me to go! :-D
  4. Loads of people join at 30 or older these days, if there still is a Navy in 5 years go for it. Failing that I hear the French Foreign Legion are recruiting at the moment and they aren't too picky about little things like criminal records etc.
  5. I hav always wanted to become an officer though like my grandad, and wasnt sure if I would be able to work up the ranks in order to b able to do that if I joined at 30. As I presuming promotion is slow.

    Why wouldnt there be a navy in 5 years?
  6. Ha! You're funny, you'll fit in well round here.
  7. I'm afraid I'm missing the punchline?!
  8. If you want to become an officer you really need to keep up with current events.
  9. That would make an interesting question at AIB... so Mr whatshisface, this criminal past of yours....

    If you fcuked up life then it is time to start heading in the right direction now, not waiting 5 years and joining a job which does not pay a great wage for someone aged 30, that you don't even know if you will qualify for or enjoy. Forget the Navy, find a career you can start now not in the future, work your ass off and make something of yourself.
  10. hi foster im just gone through the application process and am just waiting for a joining date to come through which should be around august time. However by the time i begin my basic training i will be 34 years old. Ialso applied and had the small matter of a drink driving conviction. Ihad to apply and also write a letter basically grovelling and admitting my stupidity and assuring tem that it wont happen again so all is not lost. My advice is go to your afco sit down be honest and chat with them you never know. good luck by the way go for it.
  11. I think that 30 is very close to the upper age limit for becoming an Officer. Why not join as a rating? As a 30 year old rating, it is unlikely that you will be the oldest in your class. With the RN accepting ratings up to 36 years old.
  12. The French Foreign Legion are always recruiting. But because of the shear numbers of people wanting to join it means on average 8 people apply per position. This means that they can afford to be more choosey about who they recruit.

    Although they will overlook minor convictions, anything serious or if you're wanted by interpol, they will hand you over. I know how selection works..............been there, done that (2 REP)
  13. Foster

    1 Which offence have you committed which has led to your conviction?

    2 The joke about there "perhaps not being a Navy in 5 years" relates to peoples' feelings about the cutbacks being imposed on the Senior Service and how this will impact on the number of vessels and personnel at the Navy's disposal.

    3 It might be worthwhile signing up for something like the Times Online newsletter so that you can keep up with current affairs.

    4 Re joining as an Officer, once you get past 26 the number of opportunities starts to reduce, but Logistics Officers may join up the age of 31.
  14. There was a 32 year-old lad who joined up with my RM troop. Don't worry about your age, he was a cracking lad and got his lid. Best of luck
  15. just go to your local AFCO or phone them and simply have a chat, exsplain your cicumstances and im sure they will be more then happy to exsplain if you can or can not join .....
  16. 1. I have been convicted of a dishonesty offence. Theft by abuse of position.

    2. Ok I had not heard about that.

    3. Done.

    4. Due to the offence involving dshonesty I am not able to join the logistics branch. I was refering to my ability to work my way up to officer from a rating.
  17. And you say you want to "work your way up to officer", well with every rank comes an amount of power, with power comes responsibility, you it appears have a history of abusing these things to steal, I somehow don't think you are well suited.

    It might sound harsh, but when the RN is overwhelmed with interested applicants who are of good character, why should they be the reform school for those members of society who are not so upstanding.
  18. and you know everything about my convicton do you?

    If you search for my old threads you will see I explained I did not take the money. I realise that trying to explain over the intenet is futile. I am merely seeking advice, not opinion or ripping. Considering that it is unlikely I would meet anyone from these forums (or that if I did I would know it was them an vice versa) What ue would lying be?
  19. Just speak to the AFCO and see what they say....

    I spoke honestly with my recruiter and it only helped, they'd know best whether your suited or not and whether it would matter or not...

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