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Career History 1962 - 1977
BP Exploration Operating Company Limited, Wytch Farm, Dorset.
Sept 1988 to Date :- Production Technician/Area Authority;
•Administrative Assistant/ Site Modérateur, IT Consultant.
•Health, Safety and Fire Fighting on all Wellsite, Gathering Station and Refinery Processes.
•Area Authority for Permits to Work and Permit Audits (ISSOW).
•Training and instruction of all personnel on area of work.
•Start-Up and Shutdown; of Natural Flow Wells and Beam Units. Start-up, Control and Shutdown of Electrical Submersible Downhole Pumps (ESP), and Variable speed Drives.
•Choke Adjustments. Control and monitoring of all wellsite ancillary equipment.
•Wellhead Sampling, Pigging, Chemical Injection.
•Wellhead Data Gathering, Maintenance of Equipment and Housekeeping.

Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force, King Fahad Air Base, Taif, Saudi Arabia.
Jan 1986 to March 1988 :- Station Captain/Assistant Chief Reporting to the Chief Fire Officer and Responsible for;
•Duty Manager. Management of Station Personnel.
•Leading Role in Aircraft Crash/Rescue and Structural Fire Fighting.
•Devising and Constructing Drills and Training.
•Day-to-Day Operations of Department

Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force, King Fahad Air Base, Taif, Saudi Arabia.
Nov 1983 to Nov 1985 :- Crew Chief then Station Captain Responsible for ;
•Management and Day to day Running of Watch.
•Training Prospective and Regular Watch Personnel.
•Provision of Fire Fighting Service for Category 8/9 Military/Civilian Airfield.
•Testing, Maintenance and Repair of all Equipment.

Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service, RFA Gold Rover.
Jun 1982 to May 1983 :- Flight Deck Officer/ Seaman Responsible for :-
•Provision of Fire Fighting Cover and Aircraft Crash/Rescue Operations on Fleet Support Tanker.
•Communications, Passenger Handling and Safety.
•Aircraft Fuelling and Loading

Solus Ocean Systems, Aberdeen.
Apr 1978 to Nov 1981 :- Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) Responsible for ;
•Provision of Aircraft Crash/Rescue and Fire Fighting Cover all Aircraft Transferring from and to Offshore Oil Installations. Semi-submersible’s and Installations in Brent and Ninian Fields.
•Communications, Passenger Handling and Safety.
•Member of Offshore Mobile Fire Fighting Team.
•Aircraft Refuelling, Fuel Control and Testing.
•Testing, Repair and Maintenance of all Equipment Associated with Oil Rig Heli Deck
Including, Aircraft Loading, Monitoring and Recording of all Operations.

Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm.
Nov 1962 to Jul 1977 :- Fire Crew Chief/Aircraft Handler Qualified and Experienced in the Following both Ashore and Afloat..
•Aircraft Crash/Rescue, Aircraft, Structural and Ammunitions Fire Fighting.
•All Aspects of Aircraft Handling and Air Traffic Control.
•Breathing Apparatus and BA Control, Testing, Repair & Maintenance of equipment Ashore & Afloat including Pumps, Compressors, Communications and Appliances
Qualifications and Professional Training
• October 1962. Naval Attaché, Washington, D.C. Advisor to US Secretary of Defence, Robert McNamara.
•MSc. in Safety Management Systems. Master of Science Degree gained at the Department of Management Systems and Conservation Science, Bournemouth University, Dorset.
•MIOSH. Corporate Member of The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.
•MIFireE. Diplomas at Membership Level The Institution of Fire Engineers. 1) Fire Service Operations, 2) Aero Fire Studies, 3) Fire Investigation.
•GIFireE. Graduate of The Institution of Fire Engineers in 1) Fire Safety, 2) Fire Service Operations, 3) Fire Engineering Science, 4) Management and Administration.
•CFPA (Eur) The European Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Diploma in Fire Management and Fire Prevention.
•FPA. Member of The Fire Protection Association.
•Trade Certificate. Aircraft Crash/Rescue, Aircraft and Structural Fire Fighting, Air Traffic Control Duties, Aircraft Control and Taxi Signals, Airfield Lighting, Voice Procedures, Communications, Ground Signals, Over-Due Action, Briefing, Search and Rescue Organisation. All Ashore and Afloat, with the Fleet Air Arm.
•Air Traffic Controllers Assistant (Distinction), RAF Shawbury, Joint Military Air Traffic Control School.
•Ships Diver. Royal Navy Diving School, HMS Drake, Plymouth.
•Red Cross First Aid. (First Aid at Work Certificate).
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